what is paleo?

It’s how I eat.  85% of the time as of NOW.  I am aiming to be 95%, but as time will tell, I think 85% is a good starting point.

Mantra – I whole-heartedly believe in THIS statement:

Whole9′s Nutrition in 60 Seconds

I  eat real food – meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, healthy oils, nuts and seeds. I choose foods that were raised, fed and grown naturally, and foods that are nutrient-dense, with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

This is not a “diet” – we eat as much as we need to maintain strength, energy, activity levels and a healthy body weight. We aim for well-balanced nutrition, so we eat animals and a significant amount of plants.

Eating like this has helped me to look, feel, live and perform my  best, and reduces my risk for a variety of lifestyle-related diseases and conditions.

Since January 1, 2012, I have implemented most of this in my eating, and while most of my friends and family still think its a diet, I am trying to make it my lifestyle!  Less about food-rewards, more about how I am feeling and how food fuels me.  I come from a LONG LINE of emotional eaters.  And in trying to reverse my own history, I am finding that food IS the reason for health and wellness – both directions.

I started my Paleo Journey with a Whole 30, and feel pretty dang awesome.

Blogs I STALK more than I would like to admit:

Whole 9 Life

The Clothes make the Girl



Foodee Project



Keys to sucess:

1) COOK – learn to cook, dangit!  It is not hard, and even if you are overwhelmed by it, do it for the COST savings.  Start with 1 meal you can make REALLY well…and then start to experiment with it over and over.  Food is food – the worst that happens is that it doesn’t turn out exactly like you thought, so you either throw it away or put up with it!  (Sounds like life, right?)  For my Birmingham friends, I know I have offered this more times that I can count, but let’s cook together!  I’ll double my meals and let you in on half of them 😉

2) EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY. I swear, no other “diet” says that.  It all says limit limit limit, and YES I understand limiting your food, but I grew up in a house that lived by, “If you go to bed hungry, you must be doing SOMETHING right to lose weight.”  I’m tired of that midset.

3) ASK or GOOGLE.  Typing in “Is Edemame Paleo?” will pull up a million site.  And here’s whats awesome – you get to read the research, but you (wait for it…..) GET TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION!  I mean, like full-grown adult decisions.  This is why I encourage yall to start with a Blank Slate.  After Whole30, I reintrodued cheese into my diet and IMMEDIATELY could tell the effect on my digestive system.  It used to be on every single dish I ate, but now that I don’t use it a lot, I feel better.  So if you LOVE something, like dairy or “real” (non-clarified) butter, just notice how it affects your body and make a choice!  You are your bodies owner.

4) COOK!  (oh yeah I mentioned that)

5) BREAK HABITS.  Go through some check points: 30 days, 90 days, a year…. But remember: this is HARD.  THIS is NOT an easy change.  But friends, nothing that every matters IS!  Food is SUCH a part of our society.  Heck, it IS our society, so why would we NOT want to pay attention to it?  Once you establish your own habits, it becomes less hard, but not any less hard than going to the gym is!


I don’t really have “before” pictures, because I HATE pictures that are unflattering 😉  But here is a good “After” picture (March 31st, 2012 – ~90 days Paleo)



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