the mountains are calling my name

the mountains are calling my name

Pinky Chic

Pinky Chic

D&G chiffon dress, $645 / Brian Atwood high heel shoes / Christian Louboutin shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bag / Stella & Dot / Stella & Dot vintage cuff bracelet / Stella & Dot / Stella & Dot bib necklace / Stella & Dot twist jewelry / Stella & Dot stacking bangle / Stella & Dot feather stud earrings / Stella & Dot wrap bracelet / Cole Haan / American Apparel


Not really – But I do see people in workout clothes ALL day long, so it’s always nice when I get to wear actually CLOTHES!

Shirt:  Yellow Open Back shirt from Shoe Fly

Jeans:  Jessica Simpson Jeggings for $41 (at Belk)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson Josephine

Scarf: Urban Outfitters Staring at Stars Cocoon Eternity Scarf

Necklace: Stella and Dot Bahari Necklace

Makeup: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shaddow in Sandy Gold and Velvet Plum, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara, Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup , Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar, Covergirl Lip Perfection in Spellbound

Scent: As always, Philosophy Body Firming Emulsion in Amazing Grace, and Chanel Chance


{friday fun} thoughts

I cannot stop listening to this chick.  Video is pretty awesome too!

Delta Rae – Bottom of the River


Things I have been obsessing over this week (WHY do I get so obsessed with people and things?!  I scare myself. And others. But the good news is, the ones who love me, love me BIG and don’t care about that.)

  1. Socks.  I WANT BOOT SOCKS.  But I don’t get where people are purchasing them.  So.  Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here.  Or I could do what my friend L-dawg does and steal her husband’s socks (I think he would share).  But THEN here is my next thought…I think I am TOO old to be buying cheap socks.  I mean, today I have on Smart Wool….Two different socks  that is, but another story my friends.  But spending $25 on one pair of socks.  Sometimes I have a hard time choking that down.  So I think I am getting these – BOGO, hello!
  2. 4 Runners.  I have no idea why.  I’ve just decided like two weeks ago I want to sell my car and buy something SUPER cheap – and a ’99-’03 4Runner seems to be in that budget!  So.  Buy my car, or find me a 4Runner.  But I’ve been getting obsessive over it.
  3. Speaking of car loans, I got a notice from the bank that I can skip a payment this year!  YESS! (Except for I’m not stupid people.  I feel sorry for people who DON’T like the fine print.  I really do.  I read the back side of credit card statements!)  So.  Let’s get this straight.  AmFirst wants me to skip a payment, add it to the loan, accrue the interest and AND (best part) PAY THEM FOR IT!  You have to pay $35 to skip the payment!  Poor people.  Paying money to add money into the loan.  It’s been making me mad.
  4. Croatia.  Yes this IS how my brain works.  I want to go right now.  Like WOAH right now.  It is SO beautiful and I just can’t quite figure out how to make it happen.
  5. Actually, I have been fanticizing about vacationing a LOT.  My previous boss was kind of an ass-hat, so I haven’t had vacation, per se since last year.  And the week I took off between jobs to pack my house up does NOT count.  Trust me.  Chattanooga, Nashville, Fitzpatrick, Florida, Colorado, Mt. Hood….yes.  ALL of those places I want to go.
  6. Kombucha.  I have tried this damn drink (woah what’s with the strong words?!) like a million times.  I threw away the first two times, but this week, I found one I love!  It’s SO good for you. It promotes good gut health, etc.  Actually I am HORRIBLE at explaining it, but Rob Wolf ISN’T horrible at explaining anything!  So now I am trying to decide where I can buy it for cheaply because at $3.50 a pop,its rather pricey.
  7. I GOT NEW GLASSES.  And I am in love.  Like OBSESSIVE LOVE with my glasses.  But as anything in my life, I just don’t know how to love small 😉


today . for good luck.

tomorrow. for good luck
Ce Me London checkered dress, $150 / Jessica Simpson stiletto heels / Burberry oversized tote bag / Stella & Dot layered chain necklace / Stella & Dot dot jewelry / Stella & Dot gold filled jewelry / Stella & Dot jewelry / Stila sparkle eyeliner / Lip makeup / Stella & Dot Gigi Studs

my bags are packed…

my bags are packed...

my pretties….

I LOVE jewelry.  I mean I know most women do, but I think the women in my family are EXTRA SPECIAL.  It started with my Mimi who loved jewelry.  I mean, LOVED.  I don’t think I ever saw her without bangles, earing, bracelets, rings, you name it!  And she had the PRETTIEST rings (she actually had the prettiest EVERYTHING.  You never saw such a savey lady, even at 87 years old!).  She had three daughters (my mom and her sisters) and THEY love jewelry.  So its only fitting that my sisters and I – we like LOOOOOOVE pretty things.

Currently, I’m into Gold (for like 30 years.  Not sure that is going to change) and Rose Gold (which is only a wish…have nothing in Rose Gold YET!) and Green!

Here are a few of the pieces that I’ve been wearing (I LOVE me some Stella & Dot right now!  My sweet friend Joan sells it, and I can’t help but DROOL over everything.  Sidebar, please – have a party for Joan.  I don’t do much “parties” for people, but like I said, its AWESOME.

Serenity Stone Drops

I’ve been wearing these with EVERYTHING.  I love them ;-)’

Costa Azul Wrap Bracelet

You see the bracelet above?  Yeah, I wear it almost every day.  I mean, even when I teach Body Flow.  Its my favoritist, and I am TRYING not to wear it out so much!  But, it might by my signature piece for this Spring/Summer.

And then is this:

Serpent Bangle

So girly and scary at the same time!  I love it.  Makes me feel all SORTS of Bad-A when I wear it.

I shop a lot of my jewlery off of, which is nice, because things that are $65 for a set of bracelets end up being like $19.  And very MUCH worth it to me.  The next couple of items came from there…

I am loving this brand called Yochi Jewelry.  I have one that kinda looks like this…same style, different “theme”.

And this brand Bee Charming – I get the MOST compliments on the “Evil Eye” bracelets.  Oh, Becca hates them.  She thinks they STARE at her.

Bee Charming bracelet
I have one ring from my grandmother that I love – and I NEED to get a picture of it, but I don’t have it.  (Why are you mentioning it then, do you ask?  Because this is my space.  That is all!)

And then there is the name plate necklace I have.  I have had it since 2003! All three of my sisters have one…It REALLY does go with everything 😉  And YES aparently they ARE still marketing these necklaces with Carrie’s name on it.  Whatever sells!  (I still would wear EVERY SINGLE THING she had on in that show.  Really!)

14k gold 'Small Carrie' personalized name necklace
But here is what I am wearing today (I don’t have pretty nails, hence the strange “fist” I am making.  Trust me, its better than the weird fingernails I’ve got going on!

SO TELL ME – What are some of your favorite pieces of jewelry?  Do you wear it every day?  Or are you  more of a “I don’t need any bangles to feel pretty.”?