inspiration in the smallest of places

As a fitness instructor and former one-legged crip, I hear people tell me on a regular basis that I inspire them.  And usually my response is, “really??  Little ole’ me?!” and THEN I think, “if they REALLY knew me, there is no way they could be inspired.”  It seems like that can’t be true, such a failure and a sinner on a regular basis!  But a sweet friend nominated me on her blog!  So here it goes!


My job now to is to do the following for my fellow bloggers and friends.  I am going to follow loosely…

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7 rando facts you never cared to know, but now you do:

  1. I HATE onions.  Or do I.  I have spent 30 years and some change hating onions.  When I got my tonsils out at age 8? 9? (Mom? When was it??  Actually I don’t think my mom reads this….Let’s go with 9).  So.  When I got my tonsils out when I was 9, the anesthesiologist told me the gas would taste like onions.  It did.  It most CERTAINLY did.  So.  The taste was always associated with a not-so-great young memory.  And as I didn’t eat onions, I didn’t eat celery or water chestnuts.  (Think about it…SAME texture).  BUT they say your taste buds change every 7 years, right?  Or that your tastebuds simply die from old age.  BUT I find myself being able to add onions, IF AND ONLY IF they are cooked beyond recognition and I don’t have to chew them.  And they must be cooked in butter/ghee or coconut oil.  So yeah, I still hate onions.  And if its a raw onion – I won’t be eating whatever dish they are in.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I do have to tell you the best part about this – my sweet friends love me MORE than I deserve.  When they know I am eating with them, they take onions out of EVERYTHING – salads, dips, sandwiches, you NAME it.  The same people who will share a meal out to eat and make sure it doesn’t have onions on it.  Not even my own family will do that!  But it is one of those strange little things that means more to me than a birthday present.
  2. I love exercise   I mean LOVE it.  It took me about oh, say, seven years- maybe even 10 years, to realize that people really don’t love it like I do.  I thought for the LONGEST time that maybe they just weren’t doing the right things.  Maybe if they just TRIED ___________ (insert activity here – Yoga, spinning, ride a bike, hike, kick-box  BodyPump, Pilates, CrossFit…..) SOMETHING different, because SURELY there is something you like.  And yeah, there is – most people just like their couch.  AND then most people aren’t built like me – hit the ground running at 4:40a and schedule days like a BOSS. Using every minute possible to get as much done – including 10+ hours a week working out.  I recently added 3 workouts a week doing something for myself, instead of teaching fitness classes.  One of my friends called me crazy for doing MORE.  But – it is TRULY what I love to do.  Its the only thing that has EVER been consistent in my life.
  3. I hate to shower. Or wash my hair.  And I swear if I could live on a commune and be a hippie I could.  And while this fact probably grosses people out, I’m sorry – my skin and hair just cant handle it.  Plus, as a woman, have you EVER tried to dry long thick hair?  You did read that part above in where I state scheduling every minute of every day?  And drying my hair for 30 minutes a day just DOESN”T fit in there.
  4. I’m weird and crazy. and I am ok with that.  No, really I am totally ok with that.  There isn’t much in my life that embarrasses me or that I want to change.  Sure, some days I wish I had thought a little more about that statement I said out loud.  But those people who think I am too __________ just haven’t taken the time to really get to know me.  I am OK with that.  And if there is something I want to change, I do it.  Fortunately, I am in the segment of people that believe someone CAN change.  And have seen people do it.  Trust me, its usually NOT without God.  But I do think change begins with basic habits.  
  5. I know NO lyrics to ANY song.  And have no idea how to spell I*N*D*E*P*E*N*D*E*N*T when its in a song.  It usually comes out like I*N*D*E*E*E*P*E*N*N*T.  Or I sing lyrics that are KINDA like what the real ones are… (shut the door versus closing the door.)  I am much more into CONCEPTS when it comes to lyrics than the actual words.  I mean, seriously.  Ask my sister.  Well, actually ask BOTH of them.  I am TERRIBLE.  Oh, and ask me quote a movie?  Uhhh, no thanks.  I can hardly remember the name of the movie or the actor that plays in it.  Quoting it is WAY beyond me.
  6. I need sleep.   I wish more people would understand the importance of sleep.  I love because they are BIG TIME pushers that SLEEP comes before ANYTHING.  It is more important getting a workout in.  It is more important than watching your favorite TV show.  IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A DRINK AT THE BAR.  If you are looking for the one thing that will help you live a better life, it is sleeping.  Not sleeping by a glass of wine or medicines, but actually training your body to sleep better.  Turn off the electronics.  Purchase some dark curtains (or old-school foil your windows if you are cheap!).  And allow your body to tell you what is going on.  It makes a difference.
  7. I don’t watch TV.  Well not really in the way most people do.  It is part of the reason that I get so much done.  I generally catch up on shows from Hulu, etc when I am cooking, getting ready for work, or cleaning my room – half way listening to them, but not even really watching.  Last week, I watched Scandal while I julienned some zucchinis.  But as far are just sitting down and watching TV – i don’t really care to do it.  And if I do, I usually fall asleep.  There has NEVER been a show that I *HAVE* to make it home for.  And I never really understand that – when people say that they HAVE to be home to watch a show!  Why would you want to be at home watching someone else’s life so you can make a comment on Facebook regarding instead of actually making a new memory with friends!

I don’t have 15 local users that I want to tag….But I am going to list blogs that inspire me – to be a better version of myself!


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sometimes i read.  Like. Ah-Lot.  And then there are other times when I read nothing at all and the thought of a word coming across my eyes is tiresome.  Like all things for Ruth, its all or nothing (is there a pill for that?!)

What I am reading NOW:

Why Be Useful?  Athleticism & Sex Appeal  – Best line? ” I’d venture to guess that most women could care less about how much you bench or squat. They’re not interested in your ego-repleting power lifts.  However, a display of athleticism like walking around on your hands or a back-flip really seems to get the hormones flowing.  Or so I’ve been told.  Just food for thought for those looking to impress the fairer sex.” –  True Alex.  So dang TRUE.

The Oil Cleansing Method – I started last week with Caster Oil and Grapeseed oil (purchased off of Amazon, of COURSE).  And so far, I LOVE it.  It gets all my mascara off and I swear I am prettier already!

No ‘Poo! – yeah, Yall know I hardly like to shower or wash my hair.  And now I am contemplating moving to baking soda.  I care DEEPLY about what I eat….and your skin covers your ENTIRE BODY!  Why shouldn’t I care what goes on it!  I haven’t made the jump yet.  Trying to keep it to ONE major change a month.  (right?!)

5 “FUN” things that are NOT that fun – I really DON’T mind going someplace where I don’t know people, but the other four – Spot. On.

Hater’s guide to William Sonoma – Notes from Drew: Where else am I supposed to put my dirty cheese?

and on the other end of the spectrum…

At Last – get out a tissue, please.

The difference between asking how I can pray for you and praying for you – Funny thing is I ran across this article on Monday – no more than 30 minutes after I had texted my roommate how I could pray for her this week.  This kinda has been sitting on my heart all week.  Much like the SAME roommate who asked me about my {bad} attitude this week, and could it possibly be related to time spent in the Word. (I did tell her to ignore my snide and off-handed response.  She said it didn’t bother her.)

The Christmas Party that Almost Wasn’t – and then best words, “Let’s make ourselves available and then watch how this whole wonderful thing unfolds, OK?”  Ok.


Just thoughts from an extremely all OVER the place chick.

life in pictures


I have the CRAZIEST taste in music.  I mean, I realize it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.  But there are three songs that I cannot get enough of.  Like its hard to breathe without hearing them once a day.  Yup.  I understand that is totally dramatic.  But its how I feel.

I was always that kid in college that listened to REALLY strange music – including “techno” (which is what my friend deemed anything with a synth’ed beat and didn’t have words.  ANY. THING.)

So one of my favorites Deadmau5 dropped a new album last week.  And it REALLY is sick.  And I love this song…

BUT THIS – This Mumford & Sons song.  I just want someone to sing something like this to me with SUCH passion.  I defs wasn’t on the first wave of people lovin’ them.  But for sure someone else needs to hear this!

But love the one you hold/ And I’ll be your goal /To have and to hold /A lover of the light

And then there is the dancing music I need.  My girl P!nk dropped something insanely good, and while this is the ONLY song on the album that she didn’t write, somehow I keep playing it over and over…

Where there is desire There is gonna be a flame

Where there is a flame Someone’s bound to get burned

But just because it burns Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die

You’ve gotta get up and try try try

Gotta get up and try try try

You gotta get up and try try try

And this one is just a bonus.  No words, no nothing.  Just a great driving beat that makes me want to drive my car FASTER and jump around and never stop moving…

What are your tunes this fall?

today . for good luck.

tomorrow. for good luck
Ce Me London checkered dress, $150 / Jessica Simpson stiletto heels / Burberry oversized tote bag / Stella & Dot layered chain necklace / Stella & Dot dot jewelry / Stella & Dot gold filled jewelry / Stella & Dot jewelry / Stila sparkle eyeliner / Lip makeup / Stella & Dot Gigi Studs

{whole30} weekly eats 8/6 – 8/12

Man I am SO glad to be back in the habit of cooking!!!!  Recapping, well, ME – I spend about 3 hours in the kitchen on Sundays cooking up and meal planning for the week.  I cannot TELL YOU how therapeutic this for me and how much I love it!  Its just me, the oven and sometimes (like this week) the noise of the Olympics.

So this weekend, I made the following for my Food Cookup.

Breakfast:  Fritta with Peppers, Asparagus, Bacon (Nitrate-Free!) and Spinach.  REALLY tasty.  And super filling.


  1. First half of the week:  Beef Bourguignon over Smashed Cauliflower
  2. Second half of the week: Thai Green Curry over Curried F’rice 

Dinner: Eggs, Sweet Potatoes and usually some fruit.

Goal this week – LOAD UP on breakfast, have a smaller lunch, and dinner just to hold me over until breakfast.  For some reason, I NEVER get tired of eggs and sweet potatoes.  Not necessarily together, but just how DELICIOUS they are separate!


So I’ve had SEVERAL people ask me what I am eating during my Whole30 this time.  And so WEEKLY I am going to post recipes!  Since this started on a Wednesday, I just cleaned out my frig of everything that was Paleo, and threw the rest of non-paleo (some hard cheese, Wickles, a few things with added sugar) and went from there!!


Breakfast all week: Meat Muffins – I get SUPER tired of the muffin tins, so this week I just cooked it in a 9×13.  I added Italian sausage, mushrooms, and some Cayenne Pepper and topped it with Cracked Pepper Mayo (adopted from Melissa!).  One thing that most everyone has a hard time is identifying this recipe as “breakfast”.  So I really encourage y’all to just think of it as the first meal in your day.  I happen to love spinach and eggs, so for me this is NO problem

Lunch:  I made Spaghetti Sqaush Spaghetti – Marinara with meat sauce, added mushrooms, spinach and red pepper flakes.  Ok, so I don’t have MUCH variety, but this tasted SO Italian to me I could have eaten it for days!

Dinner:  Sweet Potato Egg Hash  – Easy, with two eggs and SUPER filling.

  1. Sautee cubed Sweet Potatoes  in pan until edges are crispy. (I cut and roast 6-10 potatoes at the beginning of the week.  The amount is based on how much I feel like cutting ;-))
  2. Crack two eggs on top of the potatoes, and flip half way through cooking.  This usually takes me about 6-7 minutes.  I like the egg to still have a runny yolk because let’s just be honest – Its the ONLY reason I eat eggs.  I hate egg whites.

My goals this Whole30 is to GET SLEEP, quit snacking and get rid of the sugar cravings.  Since May, I have kept MOST of my bad habits away, but I think that the ones that I let slip back in have really made me feel terrible again!

What are you eating for your Whole30 this week?