About who? You?

Just a girl waiting on a boy to profess his undying love….Wait. That’s another story!

This is the story of a girl who struggles with independence and co-dependence. With high life and blue collar life. With Louboutins and flip flops! I love Bikes, Hiking, the gym, teaching fitness, drinking beer, eating oysters and anything seafood, for that matter!

i LIKE me, which is hard for a lot of women to say. I hate my stomach, love my eyes, have always had good legs, think I am funny, know that I am bossy, am passionate about life, quick to judge, quicker to forgive and am a ferociousness beast towards bullies.

Currently going through a few life transitions, which include divorce (March 2011), Massive Car Wreck (May 2011), single living (been since 2007!) and how to adjust to a town where you KNOW everyone and everything. Love God with my whole heart, and am amazedby the amount of Grace it takes to get through a day.

I needed a place where I could journal thoughts, share ideas, and hang out and would love your opinion. If I don’t agree, well then you will see how MUCH MORE I like to argue than have you agree with me!

NOTHING scares me more than the thought of no kids or family, but I am working that out. Other than that? No fears 😉


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