food from the past

I kept meaning to blog about my eating last week, but I didn’t get a chance.  Once a quarter, Gold’s Gym and Les Mills has new quarterly “releases” which basically means to the lay person, I spend extra time in the gym and you as the member gets new music, moves, and maybe just MAYBE a few more aches and pains.  BUT knowing how mentally challenging it is for me once a quarter, I knew I needed to 110% make sure I had the best food possible to eat!  SO here is what I cooked up last week

Spinach, Sausage, Mushroom and Egg Casserole.  It’s basically Melissa’s Meat Muffin recipe but I tweak and tweak to the point of just whatever is in my frig this week 😉

8 Sweet Potatoes (cubes, tossed in coconut oil, cumin and salt/pepper)

Zuchini Pesto Noodles – Noodle recipe here, Pesto is (loosely) based on Juli’s recipe here.  I didn’t have Sun Dried tomatoes, and subbed in Spinach for Basil (because that is what I had and I was NOT going back out to the grocery).  Take my advice – make it how she says, because its freaking AWESOME.  About the noodles – after making sure that the moisture had been removed, I threw in a pan with about 1/4 of beef broth, and let them cook, like noodles.

Pork Shoulder – Used this recipe, cooked in my awesome Lodge Cast Iron Dutch oven (in which I cook EVERYTHING).  I left out the brown sugar and subbed in apple cider vinegar (because, AHEM, it was what was in the cabinet).    The sugar does add a LITTLE bit of depth to the meat, but I think its just as delicious without!

But really, I just wanted you to know how I cook.  I search blogs all the time – its basically what makes up my Google Reader Feed.  They are not all “Paleo” some are grain-free, some are like full-on pasta, cupcakes and sugar.  But from other people’s inspiration I start to think of what I want.  I keep my kitchen pretty fresh in the sense I try to use ALL my ingredient in the frig up during the week.  Some times it works, some times I am a HUGE failure and waste money and food.  BUT I will tell you if you can open a can of tomatoes, you CAN cook.  This is not something hard.  Usually I cook Sunday afternoons, but last night I didn’t start until 5p, ran out to eat dinner with friends, and came back to pack up all my food.  And I try not to give up anything to cook – as in I went to church, hung out with my sister, took a nap, saw some friends at Avondale, and had dinner.  All on Sunday.  So it really can be done!  It’s more of a matter of priorities than how hard it is.

SO.  Tell me what you ate last week!


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