No this post is NOT about beans, although when I hear that phrase I AUTOMATICALLY sing, “Beans, Beans, the magical fruit…” but this isn’t about that type of good for the heart.  And to be honest, the nominal value of “good for the heart” is one of those lies that you hear and accept without research.  So when I am asked, why don’t I eat beans, I point them to Dallas and Melissa, who I am QUITE obsessed with.

BUT this is about my weekend, which was good for the heart.  SUCH a fun time, starting with friends at Do Di Yos and ending with Good People and a TOTALLY kickin’ concert.

May 14th, 2011 I was supposed to go to Atlanta for the Warrior Dash there.  Buuuuut instead I decided to cut my leg off.  Because, obviously, that would be a WAY better way to spend the weekend.  You know, under stronger pain medicine than morphine, used only for open heart patients, and my REALLY good attitude towards anyone who didn’t just outright say yes to me. So when I saw that it was travelling to Birmingham, I called and asked if I could use the ticket from LAST year.  And then.  I was registered for the Warrior Dash.

So “World’s Largest Running Series” with the Ultimate Obstacle Course.

PLEASE let me preface this with I had a BLAST! Before, After, in the middle…you name it and I was having a great time.  BUT I was disappointed in the “challenge” of it.  I guess I expected it to be hard things…instead of “Watch out for slippery slope” or “grab rope and climb to top”.  And to me, what was funny is if anyone had ever been backpacking, that is exactly what it was!  Hiking, moving, and getting to campsite that you had to pack in for three hours.  SO the “obstacle” portion of it wasn’t crazy hard by any means.  THE RUNNING though.  Man, the running.  I suck at running.  In fact, I feel like Andy from “Parks and Recs” like…ummm…all the time (Listen, I need you to watch this clip.  PLEASE.  It’s funny.  Please.  Look.  JUST DO IT.)

So I didn’t run.  Instead, I hung out with a new friend and we chatted the WHOLE TIME!  Somewhere around 20 minutes into the race it started to rain, and our nice 60 degree start turned into a completely FREEZING WET 55 degrees. And we could not get warm.  So we did the ONLY thing we knew how to and that was drink beer 😉  Oh, and layer EVERY BIT of clothing that we could find.  And huddle under tents and sit inappropriately close to people!  And dance 😉 Destiny’s husband kept cracking on us because we were one of the only ones dancing, but kids who have known me for 15+ years know that I will ALWAYS be the only one on the dance floor!  I mean, burns calories, whittles the waist down, and let’s be honest – who can stand still when the “Electric Slide” is playing.  NOT THIS CHICK!  and really, who wouldn’t want to dance in the mud.  How often can you say that is how you spent your Saturday!  It was very reminiscent of college days, without the insecurity.

A couple of things that this kick-started back up…

1) My love for the outdoors.  I am ABSOLUTELY a creature of habit.  So much so, for my flexible mentality, it is very nonsensical.  I forget that I like to play outside!  Especially coming from the mentality that, “oh crap – if I go biking by myself…what happens if I do something to my leg.”  Or hiking…or climbing….or whatever!  And without my sweet friends encouraging me to get outside again, I would never have gone!  I just NEEDED someone to want me to go with them and want to cheer me on.  And not let me sleep in.  And they did 😉

2) Loving getting up EARLY on Saturday.  I’ve been sleeping in until 9a most Saturdays here lately.  Which is like WOAH late.  But getting up at 5:30a, breakfast by 7a – I had a JAM-PACKED day!

3)  I will be OK walking and running longer distances.  The trails didn’t hurt one bit!  So I am hoping that I’ve found a new workout buddy that will want to hit the trails.  For like a mile.  Then we can hike 😉

4) New friends are the best.  And you find encouragement in the strangest places.  Did I walk a 5k in 59:01? Yes. Is that anything to even talk about.  Uhhh, NO.  Considering my peers are doing Half and Full Ironmans, running 100 miles in the woods, and swimming up a storm.  My outdoor fitness levels is gross.  But. FOR ME.  This was a crazy-good scary accomplishment.

Today as I showered, I STILL found mud in my toes.  Like YES I have showered – many times!  But that Alabama Red Clay just sticks to you sometimes.  As I hope does the bug of getting back outside.

Billy had a camera on the whole time.  I cannot WAIT to see the footage!

So COLD I thought we were dying.  And this was right after we got spray off!  And the fact that YES I still have lipstick on.  Whatever

The feet that NEVER got clean.

After rain shower number 1 BILLION.

Don’t think that needs much explaining…..

Josh with his chicken leg.  Yes….he can dance AND eat AND text!  NICE.  

So, half if not MORE of Birmingham was out there.  What did YOU think of the Warrior Dash?

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