I have the CRAZIEST taste in music.  I mean, I realize it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.  But there are three songs that I cannot get enough of.  Like its hard to breathe without hearing them once a day.  Yup.  I understand that is totally dramatic.  But its how I feel.

I was always that kid in college that listened to REALLY strange music – including “techno” (which is what my friend deemed anything with a synth’ed beat and didn’t have words.  ANY. THING.)

So one of my favorites Deadmau5 dropped a new album last week.  And it REALLY is sick.  And I love this song…

BUT THIS – This Mumford & Sons song.  I just want someone to sing something like this to me with SUCH passion.  I defs wasn’t on the first wave of people lovin’ them.  But for sure someone else needs to hear this!

But love the one you hold/ And I’ll be your goal /To have and to hold /A lover of the light

And then there is the dancing music I need.  My girl P!nk dropped something insanely good, and while this is the ONLY song on the album that she didn’t write, somehow I keep playing it over and over…

Where there is desire There is gonna be a flame

Where there is a flame Someone’s bound to get burned

But just because it burns Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die

You’ve gotta get up and try try try

Gotta get up and try try try

You gotta get up and try try try

And this one is just a bonus.  No words, no nothing.  Just a great driving beat that makes me want to drive my car FASTER and jump around and never stop moving…

What are your tunes this fall?


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