picket fences

SO.  Lots of stuff “unresolved” on this blog and I KNOW you have been DYING to know what is going on!

Well.  I could NOT sell my house.  It was totally underwater, and I cannot apply for refinancing for an entire year.  Blah blah blah…its a buyer’s market, etc.  Dude.  TRUST ME I am tired of my own voice!  One thing that has just been NAGGING me is to be faithful in the small things.  Fiscally responsible.  Do my quiet time.  Be kind and work out issues internally instead of in someone’s face.  You know.  The basic small things 😉

So.  TOTALLY new concept for me – taking things one step at a time.  Like WAY new step for me.  But I want you to notice that NONE of these things happened on my own.  Team.  Others.  Relying on OTHERS.

1) I called someone to rent my house for me.  Boom.  Rented within two weeks.  He walked me through steps and totally set me at ease.  You need help?  Call Lee.

2) The place I was planning to move to fell through (like had planned to live since January).  Par for the course. So here I was- three weeks out and could NOT find a place to live.  Like NOT AT ALL.  The whole reason I am renting my place is so I can pay down the mortgage, and finish my degree (with 6ish classes left.)  I couldn’t bear to live in Pinson, Pelham, Alabaster….etc.  My life is pretty centered Over the Mountain, and downtown.  The point was to save MONEY.  Then I get backed into a corner with 1 weeks to go.  And then my guardian angel Heather posted on Facebook that I am looking for a roommate (Brookhills Small Group Leader page…)  Within the hour, someone calls me.  I see the house that Saturday, pay rent for two months and moved in last week.  TEAM WORK.

3) School – something I can’t seem to wrap my head around.  You see, I don’t have a degree.  Wow.  First really public admission.  I had never failed anything in my life (at that point), and I failed college.  {Oh sweet, young, 21-year-old Ruth, how you would REALLY learn failure later on.}  But I have this big desire to become a nurse.  And see, you actually HAVE to go to school to become a nurse.  So.  I head to UAB to meet with an advisor less than one week before classes start.  And even though the deadline to enroll has passed, he encouraged me to walk to the first floor and see if they would work me in.  And EVEN THOUGH, the sweet woman on the first floor thought it was too late, she would make a phone call.  The voice on the other end of the phone call says, “Let her go to school.” So.  All of a sudden, I’m enrolled in school.  And it turns out I only have 6-7 classes to grab a Marketing Degree.  And heavens don’t I WISH I could just do it in one semester.  or two.  But it will probably be 3 semesters, maybe 4.  So again, without the stress of a house and high bills, I actually can take SCHOOL.  TEAM WORK.  and Go Blazers.

OH.  And I got a promotion at work.  PLT, right?  It almost makes the misery of the last 6 months worth it.  Almost. But that is a story for another day.  But there is NOTHING better than having a boss that says, I have your back.  AND one who is thankful for even the small things you do.  OH!  And my new boss knows I am smart.  It’s the little things.

(that me doing a victory dance)

Moral of the story?  It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish with HELP. Why is it taking me 30 years to be ok with that?

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