So.  Having this problem with selling my house.  And I start to understand a little bit about these stories about people just dropping off the keys and NEVER making another payment, regardless of how much it affects their credit (because let’s just be honest.  I don’t know too many people with good credit any more.  Or I should say I know more people with bad credit than steller credit!)


So back in 2008, the ex and I bought a house.  It is DARLING.  I mean, I really really really love my house.  Its got beautiful windows, original hardwoods, a mudroom where I can do my laundry and it was JUST the right size for a starter house.  Three bedrooms and one bathroom = 1200 square feet.  And I am sorry, more room just means you buy more stuff to fill it up and its more surface area to dust.  Gag.  Dusting.   I LOVE the fact that it is a corner lot, so I have two neighbors.  A dentist who splits his time between this house and his real house in Mountain Brook, Al and a older lady behind me who is on disability.   And my house is in front of a stop sign, which means that (under normal circumstances) people drive fairly slow on the road.  Which is just excellent.  It is an easy yard to take care of (mowing the yard, etc) and the grass I feel like, grows EXTRA green there.  It’s just a pretty house!

Well, so in 2011, amidst ALL THINGS related to my car crash, we became no longer married.  Part of the deal is that the house becomes mine but the loan from the bank still has both of our names on it.  So over the course of a year I have applied for refinancing, I have looked into “government assistance” programs, I have contemplated a “short sell” and at the very last option, looked into selling my house.

So me.  30 year old me with a decent job and never having missed a payment on her mortgage.  I KNOW I shouldn’t qualify for really any programs because I pay my bills!  And I have a job!  And I DON’T REALLY NEED Government Assistance (that word tastes nasty to me).  BUT turns out if you just STOP paying your mortgage, its the only way to actually get “attention” and be able to opt-in to ALL these plans that Dear Sweet Mr. President has helped create to stimulate the economy.

So here is the kicker.  I have been dropped by 2 real estate agents.  HA!  My house, that I love so much, is what you call under water at this point in the economy.  And all we really did was purchase a house before the bottom dropped out.  It wasn’t a BAD purchase!  It wasn’t expensive in the first place!  And I swear, I wish Banks (or Wells Fargo, who I hate with a FIREY passion) would just listen to Lawyer Documents (apparently they don’t) so I wouldn’t even have to MESS with this.  But the Real Estate Agents both want to list it SO LOW that I would have to come to the table with $50,000.  Literally.  $50,000.  In Cash.  One of the agents said, well that shouldn’t be a problem, you are from Mountain Brook so your parents will pay for that, right?  Ummmm…no.

So I asked them to list it higher, because I believe that if this is what God wants me to do (and trust me, I’ve been praying left and RIGHT for almost 2 years) that he will sell the house for more than a Real Estate Agent believes it will sell for.   And response is?  I am “not interested” in listing it for higher.   Well I am not interested in being classy today either, but I will for both our sakes, yes?

So let’s go ahead and just be clear on all that you read above.  A woman who has a good paying job, a good car, a great life ,CANNOT, as in UNABLE TO,  sell her house.  Now, ALL OF A SUDDEN, I cannot help but think about a widow who was just left with a house, or a single mother whose income is cut in half.  Or even someone less fortunate than me with less support and less education!     And it certainly does make you feel more sympathy for those who torch their own houses for the insurance money, or like I said.  Just walk away from the  debt.

So let’s all have faith and PRAY that God would be clear about where this house should go!  How about that, friends.  God is bigger than the real estate market.  This I am sure of.


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