mr right now

So receiving this email TOTALLY cracked me up.  I swear, this is a dating site but I swear everyone is on here for the sex of it!


FIRST – Let me show you my profile….Because then these become SO much funnier to me.  I always go back and check to see if I wrote anything that would illicit these responses?  And really if you think so, SHARE!  I am in to that 😉  (PS I cannot believe I am going to share this.  PPS – you still love me right?!)

*Disclaimer. I think that if you are interested then you should have something intelligent to say, and NOT just a wink. That makes no sense. If you want to talk to a woman out and about, does winking every accomplish anything?
**Disclaimer #2 – If your profile says something about loving to go out all the time or says you like to cuddle, or you are just overall cray cray, and have 1) shirtless pictures or 2) all your pictures are you in sunglasses/hat/looking down PLEASE move on. I have no need to “settle” for less than the best. It just doesn’t make sense.

Moving on.

I LOVE my fitness life (teaching 8-10 classes a week), but im not obsessed with the gym. Its the people that I need to meet! I invest a LOT of time into people’s lives because in the end that is whats going to matter. Life is meant to be lived big time, and its important that you don’t just complain about where you are right now and never attempt to change. We get one chance to live our life to the best of our ability. If I get to choose my workouts, you will find me outside, on the kickball field, hiking, backpacking – at the lake skiing, you NAME it as long as there is wide open sky around.  Since recovering from an injury, these are less frequent than I would like.

God is first in my life- I have seen my life without that priority and not only am I miserable, I make everyone around me miserable! My life is His to do what he has planned. Following second is my Family and Friends – I have two sisters and I would do anything for them! Plus they make me laugh incessantly.

Laughter is a HUGE part of my daily living! That and hugs. I always make it a point to hug one person a day (thats easy for me!) because you never know what kind of day they are having! And let’s be honest, normally I am just laughing at myself!

I’m grateful for second, third, and infinite chances from God.  Romans 6:14 says that we don’t live in the law, but we live by grace.  And while that is a HUGE parahrase, I get what it means and I would be GLAD to share with you! Its hard to live your life thinking that someone is going to judge or dislike you.

I need someone who challenges me mentally and emotionally. Let’s face it – men and women are difficult , and so are relationships. I’m not looking for the false pretense that we are all perfect and relationships are easy. I need someone that can deal with real life problems WITH me. And is strong enough as a man to be ok if we disagree on issues and opinions. Because lets face it – we aren’t always going to agree! My man will be taking care of himself – mentally, athletically (just means being active) and nutritionally – you ARE what you eat, and I am just not into fast food or junk food. I want to be better at 50 than I am at 30!

And on to the email that I recieved today…

Hey I’m JohnDoe2.   You sound fun and pretty much had me in the white jeans pic (it’s my kryptonite). Do you ever have down time??? Haha. Well you’re getting my first email on this thing…so write back if you’re up for a late night hook up tonight….

Anyways, you’re cute and sound fun so write back if you’re interested.


Umm JD2?  I’m pretty sure that a) it is NOT the first email you have sent since you have been on this site.  and b) I am pretty sure that I am not the skanked-up hoochie momma this would work on.  But HEY!  Everything is worth a shot, right?  You never know if you never ask.

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