So I’ve had SEVERAL people ask me what I am eating during my Whole30 this time.  And so WEEKLY I am going to post recipes!  Since this started on a Wednesday, I just cleaned out my frig of everything that was Paleo, and threw the rest of non-paleo (some hard cheese, Wickles, a few things with added sugar) and went from there!!


Breakfast all week: Meat Muffins – I get SUPER tired of the muffin tins, so this week I just cooked it in a 9×13.  I added Italian sausage, mushrooms, and some Cayenne Pepper and topped it with Cracked Pepper Mayo (adopted from Melissa!).  One thing that most everyone has a hard time is identifying this recipe as “breakfast”.  So I really encourage y’all to just think of it as the first meal in your day.  I happen to love spinach and eggs, so for me this is NO problem

Lunch:  I made Spaghetti Sqaush Spaghetti – Marinara with meat sauce, added mushrooms, spinach and red pepper flakes.  Ok, so I don’t have MUCH variety, but this tasted SO Italian to me I could have eaten it for days!

Dinner:  Sweet Potato Egg Hash  – Easy, with two eggs and SUPER filling.

  1. Sautee cubed Sweet Potatoes  in pan until edges are crispy. (I cut and roast 6-10 potatoes at the beginning of the week.  The amount is based on how much I feel like cutting ;-))
  2. Crack two eggs on top of the potatoes, and flip half way through cooking.  This usually takes me about 6-7 minutes.  I like the egg to still have a runny yolk because let’s just be honest – Its the ONLY reason I eat eggs.  I hate egg whites.

My goals this Whole30 is to GET SLEEP, quit snacking and get rid of the sugar cravings.  Since May, I have kept MOST of my bad habits away, but I think that the ones that I let slip back in have really made me feel terrible again!

What are you eating for your Whole30 this week?

6 thoughts on “foodie

  1. oh girl, those recipes sound great! I have to kick my sugah troubles….last night, I made some ginger chicken lettuce wraps that were pretty fantastic! Also, loved the online dating post…crazy how many crazies are out there!

  2. RUTHIE! I just tried the sweet potato hash and mine didn’t turn out right…edges of sweet potatoes were brown, but potatoes were still almost crispy, and when I cracked the eggs over the potatoes, the white began to stick to the pan immediately and I had to scrape it up. I wound up with more like scrambled eggs mixed in, whereas I’m envisioning yours as actual fried eggs on top of potatoes. Maybe my temp was too high? Maybe I should have pushed all the potatoes together in the pan before cracking the eggs over them? Would you fill me in with some details? I’d be most appreciative. I’m enjoying your recipes, since I’m restricted from dairy for Julia’s sake. Thanks!

    • 1) my pan is super small – maybe 6 inches? But I’ve done it in the 10in and just pushed the potatoes in the middle! Both of my pans are non-stick, but if yours isn’t make sure you use ghee/coconut oil (regular butter dots have dairy in it…
      2) medium heat to cook the potatoes. Low heat after I crack the eggs in. When I flip it I usually turn the stove down again. Or off depending on my attention span!

      Yes I like it with a runny egg! Let the sweet potatoes be the base. I think lowering the heat will really fix all those issues! Let me know if not… What’s the use in having recipes if no one can replicate it??

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