the world as it is now

No, I WILL NOT talk about CFA except for to say that I am SO irritated by the “stand” most Christians have made. I am NOT going to be that ugly especially when I think that I don’t think that’s what was intended by CFA’s stance.  But they have made some big time dollars!  I believe that Jesus came to save all sinners.  And that all this ugly yelling to people is just that.  UGLY.


I am starting a new series today.  Called, Internet Dating.  I cannot talk about anything other than yes, I am on, and the CRAZINESS of people on here.  One Word.  CREEEEEEEPERS.  So, now I am enjoying my membership for what it is – CRAY CRAY entertainment in the biggest sense.  And Lawdy-Be – what is better than me sharing my experiences with you!


So there is a feature on called “winking”.  Basically its a way to let the other party know you are “interested” without putting any effort into it.  It annoys the CRAP out of me if people just “wink” and then don’t say a word.  It’s exactly like being whistled at on the street.  I’ve never understood why people don’t just use their WORDS.


So today’s email comes from “John Doe1”

He emailed you.

Yesterday at 3:48 PM
I’m like being direct to the point: I’m a complete package, so I’ve been told … looks, intelligence, personality, financially stable, fun and most importantly I know how to treat a woman!
And I REALLY wish I could show you a picture of this D-bag, but I just cannot.  Let’s just say he is 54, looks like a greasy Italian and is wearing a Gold Chain in his picture.  With his pot belly hanging out.
Something kinda like this…

Really JD1 – Complete Package?!  I cannot WAIT to meet you and know that you will pay all my bills.  Actually, do you think you could just write me a check and send it to my Post Office Box?  That would be great.  No, don’t worry about filling in the “Pay to the order of” Portion.  I will just fill that in myself…..


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