“Things I found while looking around”


“I have more time on my hands than you”


“I read someone else’s blog and they had this cool stuff already listed”

FINE.  Apparently its like a rite of passage for Bloggers (PS.  I just wrote that as boogers.  TRUE STORY.)

I love Florence Welch.  I watch ALL of her YouTubes AND I have her music EVERYWHERE.  If you don’t know her, PULEASE Check her out.  BUT BuzzFeed has this little gem, which I kinda watched a lot of this week.

This dude did NOT look this hot as a vampire.  Meet Kellan Lutz.  Wow.

GRIN AND GREET photo | Kellan Lutz

Some dude had this shirt on at the gym.  I wanted to give him a hug and tell him that Jesus Love You!

An Awkward Morning Beats a Bo Shirt

Aparently this is the newest fangled thing from Apple.  But Ummmmm, this article is WAY better.

iOS 6. It will take your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in entirely new directions.

For my girls (and boys I guess!) Who stalk the book (lower case b….) – You can now easily check out who is dating who!   Cool, right.

Games to help you clear your inbox?!  Done.  I am one of the few that likes my inbox to look like its at zero, even though I have just filtered EVERYTHING.

I want cupcakes.  Or a cake from this AH-MAZING woman.  I am SORRY.  But a cake with blueberries AND macaroons?  Shoot FIRE.


That’s it.  Kinda.  I mean, I have lots more!  But besides CAKE and a guy I would like to eat up like cake, what do you need???

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