the book and THE BOOK

The Facebook, that is.  TOTAL love and hate for the social medium.  I mean, how many other websites can make as MANY changes as they have in the past 10 years, their users continue to HATE it, and yet, they still make millions, and are continuing to grow.  It is almost disgusting, right??

I swear I get off it, then get back on, then get off it again and hate it and then love it!  I ADORE it for my work at the gym – for reminding people of upcoming events, for asking friends on referrals of cleaning ladies and recipes and the newest movie out.  But I hate how obsessive I get over it!  And the FEELINGS hurt.  I swear.   I know I am not the only woman, because I have talked to other about it.  No, it’s not like I have to be invited to everything.  But it is ummmmm….I don’t think hurtful is the right word.  Unnerving? Bothersome? Catty??  When people check in and didn’t invite you.  And TRUST ME I am the queen of having parties and dinners and such things, so I GET intimate gatherings.  My thing is, why tag someone in it.  I KNOW I am guilty of it, and I hope I have never been so careless to hurt someone’s feelings, but do you see how I just spent 5 minutes writing about the emotions that a CHECK-IN on FACEBOOK CREATES??  yeah, so.  I am off it for now.

HOW I KNOW FACEBOOK HAS TAKEN OVER THE WORLD, or the annoyance of deactivating my account:
  • I no longer can sign into Spotify (You are REQUIRED to have the book)
  • I continue to miss events that are posted….sales, specials, lunches….ok ok ok.  So maybe being off of Facebook will help me save money!
  • My “discount” sites are COMPLETELY linked to the book.  So I had to email customer service to have it “unlinked”
  • I truly feel like people won’t know that I am teaching classes.  Even though I have taught for six years at the SAME GYM and 90% of my participants text me to let me know if they are or aren’t coming, etc.  And lo-and-behold I’ve taught 6 classes this week and had people at EVERY SINGLE ONE.

SO what is this chick doing with her spare time you ask?

  • Spending time in the Word – THE BOOK
  • Praying
  • Texting ALL of her friends (ok, so maybe that hasn’t changes)
  • Trying to get a better life plan together.  I am DYING to go to Nursing School.  Could you PU-LEASE buy my house so that I can make this happen?  K Thanks.
  • Cooked More
  • Trying to shake off the emotional habit of CARING about what everyone is doing at every single time.
  • Eating EXTRODINARY AMOUNTS OF WATERMELON.  Which probably has nothing to do with being off of Facebook, but it would REALLY help me if I could figure out a reason WHY I am eating so much of it.  Its.  Amazing.

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