testing testing 123….

So, I dropped off the face of the planet.  I am SURE that you have been anxiously awaiting my return with tales from the beyond about what happened.

Life.  It happened to me 😉

I became really overwhelmed by people’s bad attitudes and the soul-crushing days I currently attend.  I let it bother me.  I started to not breath, not sleep, NOT have a good attitude.  In ALL things.  And I am still having a hard time grappling with God’s purpose for me where I currently am and how I can behave.  In the past, it has been the work that I don’t like, but I have always liked the PEOPLE.  But in these current times, it is the PEOPLE who are rude, ignore, frustrate, and yell at me and the work is not so bad!  It is actually one of the first times that  I have felt fairly SMART and COMPETENT and more emotionally abused than anything.

I have come to the conclusion that I would like to start my own business to manage.  What, you say?  Well, Ummmmmm, no idea.

BUT here is what I would make sure happens:

  • All people MUST use their vacation days.  You get more, and the more time you spend at work WITHOUT a mental break the less effective you are.  TRUE STORY.  I would actually like to give everyone a week off each quarter.  I swear that people would work better and be less sick.
  • Option to work 4 8-hour days or 5 6-hour days.  The 40-hour week is SUCH a myth.  Most people don’t have 40 hours to work, save a few high insanely intense positions.  Yes my friends, accountants and lawyers are one of them.  But I would just want to hire more people so the work load isn’t so much.
  • A garden at work.  Birthdays at work.  Open Forums.  Places where people don’t feel used or abused.
  • Flexible work hours (you like 6a to 2p?  OK! Have at it!)

I swear that work CAN be enoyable.  I swear that in something you HAVE TO DO day in and day out, there has got to be a happy medium.

My current (ahem) situation involves people who think since they haven’t had a vacation, a lunch, a place to rest their head that no one else should either.  That seems “fair” right?!  Yeah, that is what I thought too…..

SO.  What else have I been doing besides dreaming of winning the lottery so I can actually do something worthwhile? Like go back to school and be a nurse??

  1. Beach
  2. Becca met a boy
  3. Fireworks (at the beach, that is)
  4. Got an iPhone
  5. Became obsessed with said-iPhone
  6. Concert
  7. Eating
  8. Kickball
  9. Margaritas
Not in that order 😉  But close enough!

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