We are moving buildings at work.  DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAY-CRAY that is?  Yalls DO know that I work at a Print Shop right.  SO as in THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS and  THOUSANDS of pounds of equipment is being moved.  And people’s attitudes are lacking.  More than usually.  Which probably means that attitudes are at an all time LOW for the human race.  #TrueStory  So I am desperately seeking positivity right now! (which is totally NOT a word, says Google.  But who REALLY gets to decide if something is a word or not!!)

I get obsessive pretty easily….as seen by my “addiction” to eating clean (except for that brownie I had this morning.  Whoops) and the gym.  BUT as you can see too, its not something that I just leave and let go!  My obsession with Christ has been 30 years and counting.  My love for my sisters has been the same.  And there there is my love for music.  Cool Music.  Something that means something.  And that sounds like.  OH HEY.  MUSIC.



My cousin and I went to an awesome show at WorkPlay with these kids:

Fitz and the Tantrums

AND THEY ARE SOOOO FLIPPING GOOD.  I mean, yes I am highly excitable.  But they were super good.  I’ve been listening to them all morning long.  AND THEY GIVE YOU FREE MUSIC.  

LAWDY.  I do like fuzzy pictures.  I really honestly do!

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