Scouring the web this week I have found sites that will let you into that dark recess that is my mind.  Scary, yo.

  1. I know I am KINDA obsessed with Melicious….because she tots Kick-A.  And I want a standing desk.  And she makes really awesome mayo.  AND she’s absolutely gorgeous!  So, bookmark her, won’t you?
  2. The NEW Batman Trailer.  I mean like OMG WOOT WOOT. 
  3. Pine-Sol (just really because I like it.  Not because I search it all the time.)
  4. Umm have you heard of this new diet?  It’s totally awesome.  And VERY FACTUAL.  Please check out the Practitioners portion.Jasmuheen (born Ellen Greve) was a prominent advocate of breatharianism in the 1990s. She claimed “I can go for months and months without having anything at all other than a cup of tea. My body runs on a different kind of nourishment.” Interviewers found her house stocked with food.
  5. Ummmmmmmmm i know i know I KNOW.  Lululemon has SWIMSUITS.   Yet another reason to join Millionaire Matchmaker.
  6. This chick makes me laugh.  but MOSTLY because that DOG is killing me!  A Dog! With a Manuscript!  SHUTYOURFACESOFREAKINGCUTE.


One thought on “

  1. 1. Thank you for your totally sweet words. OMG. Being called “gorgeous” first thing in the morning totally kicks ass (but I think you might change your mind if you could see me right now: no makeup, droopy hair, stretched out camo shorts, tshirt I slept in, glasses, frown).

    2. Thank you for pointing out the blog Eggton.OMG. So good. SO GOOD!

    3. And now I’ll be RSSing you, too. THANKS!

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