walking WHAT?

I swear, I HATE WALKING PNEUMONIA more than anything.  I MEAN HATE.  Yes, no one likes getting sick, but this particular sickness is totally the BANE of my existence.


  • When I was younger (like 5th or 6th grade maybe?) I one time read the word pneumonia out loud.  And read it petunia.  TO THIS DAY no one in my family will let me live it down.  I mean, its like how I though Kaos was the correct way to say Chaos (attribute that to the fact that we watched Get Smart ALL THE TIME).  And I thought Chaos was Cha-Chos.  (Attention to detail has NEVER been my strong point.)
  • In 2011 I had the Walking Petunia FOUR TIMES.  ALL diagnosed from that TERRIBLE place called the American Family Care.  I do not advocate visiting that place at ALL, but since the new change in benefits, I don’t have a Primary Care Physician yet, which means I don’t have another option until I do have a doctor.  So “Walking Pneumonia” it is again.  With another steroid shot, antbiotics, and steroid pack.  Oh, and cough syrup that makes me so nauseated I threw up twice from it.  REAL FUN TEAM.
  • I only get sick when there is another stressor in my life.  Like, seriously.  I don’t get terrible “stressed” but if something is off in my life, I get sick.  Or gain weight.  Or both.  You know how most people lose weight when they are sad or upset or can’t eat?  I didn’t get that gene.  I got the gene that makes you want to eat the WHOLE kitchen sink.  Case-In-Point – two Saturdays ago I ate raw Ramen Noodles and Brownie Mix out of a box.  It was all that was in my pantry which wasn’t “Paleo”.  And while there are a million fast food places near by, I still have my standards.  So dry brownie mix out of a box IT WAS!  I wish I could say it was legendary or epic.  Instead, it was just sad.
  • I don’t have sick time at my new job until September.  I cannot begin to delve into that, except for some part of me hopes that everyone here gets sick to prove a point (not you, Ryan….).  But “making” me show up sucks.  SO Friday I was out sick (which when you are on single income AND THEN your roommate moves out unexpectedly AND THEN you are having to take UNPAID TIME OFF.  Yeah, well you can see my dilemma, right?)
  • If I don’t teach at Gold’s, I don’t get paid.  But There. Is. NO. Way. I could have taught.  I slept like 16 hours on Sunday, could barely make it through work on Monday (in bed by 6:15p), and last night was asleep by 7:45p.  I mean REALLY???  I have banked sleep up like it was NO BODIES BUSINESS. Boom.

I finally woke up today feeling like I turned a corner.  I mean, it only took my mom bringing me sorbet, Mucinex, Mucinex-D, Allegra, Bennedryl, Kleenex and more hard-candy than I should be allowed.  Here is where I struggle with being “au-natural” – I know that those throat drops WILL help my throat and keep me from coughing.  But I really hate wasting calories on them.  I ONLY HAVE 4 WEEKS UNTIL THE BEACH.  And I am going with family, but I want to feel decent in my bathing suit!  SO in my totally screwed up mind, I will eat a few cough drops but feel guilty about each and everyone of them.

No pictures today because NO ONE WANTS TO SEE my snot-nose or raw throat or anything else that goes along with being sick….

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