its about to get REALZ



Whatever you want to call the male species.  I AM FED UP WITH YOU.  All of you!

I think that I can blame most of it on the Southern Upbringing with mommas who did everything, the lack of developed leadership, and maybe less churching than they needed, or probably a mix of ALL THREE.


1.  been talking to this guy – no biggie – but actually TALKING (not texting!) and have been enjoying his company.  Last couple of days at work have been busy, it’s Les Mills Launch week at Gold’s Gym, AND we have some family junk going on (doesn’t everyone!).  I didn’t respond to a text last night because I got in bed at 8:22p last night (so. dang. tired.)  The Text I Got This Morning:

5:44a – man: tiny bit confused but HEY I can be used to whatever.  Would appreciate the truth from you.

6:43a – ME: wait, what? what are you confused about? {internets, are you listening??  this is good.}

6:44a – man: I thought you were going to make me happy. If you want something else, then I would appreciate it.  But now I am crushed.  I am taking your number out of my phone.

Wait.  WHAT??  Like, you KNOW this dude was just sitting around for like 12 hours, building up situations in his head.  Meanwhile I was learning Choreography, Cooking and trying to make sure my dogs were played with.  OH.  HE’s 43 YEARS OLD.


“I thought you were going to make me happy.”  Read: I thought that YOU were GOING TO MAKE ME happy.  Not, what’s up, what are you doing? How has your day been?  Is everything ok?  Can I come take the garbage out for you?   Yeah, any of those things would be AWESOME.  But that is not what this man said.  HA.

2.  Instance # 2.

Sex.  Yeah, I know i know i KNOW.  But since I am a member of eHarmony and I have been a PAST (and NEVER AGAIN) subscriber to,  but even in a “safe” environment, I have been propositioned more TIMES ONLINE than I can count.  And no one wants to talk on the phone any more.  OR (heaven forbid!) actually meet in person!

3.  Instance # 3

Professional environment.  Apparently these don’t exist any more.  Or men don’t get how to compliment a woman, appreciate her, then just let it GO.  there is NO faithfulness, no honest intentions, and for CERTAIN they do not know how to treat a lady.  I would rather just wear baggy clothing almost.  ALMOST.

SO on to my rant (wait, that wasn’t it??) – HOW DO YOU FIND A GOOD MAN now a days?  Am I going to have to MOVE out of Birmingham?  I want to get married again, but even before that, I want to have a HEALTHY relationship!

Have you listened to David Platt’s Secret Church from November?  No?  Well I listened to it again.  It talks about the “gift” of singleness.  While most of us view it as a pair of used socks that someone gives us for our birthday, it is NOT that.  This is truly a gift that God gives us.  What is funny is that once we hit a certain age, especially 30’s, single people (including me) think, well HECK am I going to be single for the rest of my life?!  But the point isn’t that short term view of what God has given us.  I can’t sit here and try to decide if God WANTS or INTENDS for me to be single for the rest of my life.  But the fact is that I am single.  And in that, God has given me something AWESOME – where I don’t have to focus on children or a husband.  But where I can be more open to HIM and what He will do in my life.

This is what I want.  Fast-forward to minute 40:01.  DO IT RIGHT NOW.


3 thoughts on “its about to get REALZ

  1. Love me some D.Platt…R, your future, God-fearing, “humble” leader hubs is out there. Don’t settle…these men do exist, there are just fewer of them in this world! Love you lady!

  2. Do not label all men! Good ones still exist and are closer than you think!
    Real and lasting happiness never comes from the outside! The key to be happy resides on the love that emanates from within you!
    No one can make other person responsible for his/her happiness, it does not work that way!

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