FAMOUS! {meeting Ree Drummond}

We got to meet Ree Drummond last night!!  YES THAT REE!  YES THAT ONE TOO!  Oh, I think I could probably find her a few places more, but that is all I can publicly admit to stalking her.

So, I have known she was coming to the ‘Ham for a while, but did not KNOW that Books-A-Million put on SUCH an organized show!

Facts about Book Signings at BAM:

1) Go the day before (or whenever you call and ask and they tell you!) To go get tickets to wait in line.  So you wait in line to get a ticket to wait in line.  Got that?  (Thanks Momma for waiting in line!)

2) Make SURE you have a post-it in the front of your book with your name or whoever it is that you want it signed to (I’m not sure she would just sign ANYTHING you put in there….But you know Ree pretty much goes with the flow).  (Thanks Momma for getting our cookbooks!)

3) Make SURE you have a receipt of buying the cookbook.  In this case, we had the sticker price on the front.  But they WILL CHECK IT.  (Thanks Momma for making sure they didn’t think we were thieving the books!)

4) Get in line.  Try not to think about how sweaty you just got teaching RPM.  Allow your momma and sister to tell you that you really DON’T look as bad as you think you do.  At least I had my cute Lululemon on!  (THANK YOU SO MUCH Momma for getting in line for me and Boo so we could just hop on in!)

5) Get book signed with REE and YOUR PICTURE DONE!  And then encourage your sister to ask her about Cowboy Josh, because he needs a Blonde from Birmingham to add to his Ranch Life!  (thanks MOMMA!)

6) Have dinner and allow your momma to pay.  Then order food that comes on the LARGEST SERVING DISH in the restaurant.

7) Wait, that last one is just for us 😉  And in case you couldn’t tell, we could not have been able to go if my dear sweet mother had not taken time out of her day to make it possible!  She also let my dogs out AND did my dishes yesterday!  She is THE BEST.

Ree was ABSOLUTELY GRACIOUS to everyone!  There may have been a woman in front of us who had a photo album of her 7+ Bassets, and a story and and and…And Ree did NOT blink.  She just is the sweetest to everyone!  I think we all wanted to shout, I think I could be your best friend!  We love you!  We didn’t 😉  But I wish she was our friend!

And I am thinking of sending Becca to Oklahoma to see if she can find Cowboy Josh….Anyone want to contribute???


One thought on “FAMOUS! {meeting Ree Drummond}

  1. Very cool! I still wonder how she does it all out there with 4 home schooled kids, etc, etc, etc, tweet, blog, photos, etc, etc, etc clean laundry, cook, clean, etc, etc, etc. Glad to hear she’s as gracious as she comes across!

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