DUDE.  Have you tried “Draw Something“.  NO SERIOUSLY have you TRIED IT!

So.  I started playing with Becca late (like 7:45p) night one day last week.  And I cannot STOP LAUGHING.

We are “artists” in the FINEST sense…as in I need words to describe my pictures.  And before I got the hang of it, I would erase and erase over and over.  Now I understand that you need to THINK about it for a minute to be AGGRESSIVE in your drawing.  Don’t hesitate.  NEVER hesitate.  Just draw.

Like example this one:

And then she gets a little craftier in her drawings:

And then there is my favorite:

(It is Outkast, in case you can’t tell.  I could right away.  Because I’m DRAwesome like that.)

Here is an example of mine:

YUP!  That is a Vampire.  DRAwesome, right?

I started playing with the Graphic Designer at work.  Yeah….he’s pretty good….

I’m not really sure why I would let someone SO GOOD play against me. But I am sure he is HIGHLY amused.

Here is Stephie’s picture:

Yeah, I dont know HOW she got so good either!


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