my recent days in pictures…

So.  Pictures from my TERRIBLE camera phone to show what was UP in the past couple of days….

I’m kinda obsessed with braids.  This is Becca, after I made her a Hunger Games-inspired side braid.  Yes, that is her natural color!  Can you believe it??  I love her pretty blonde hair.  Oh, and she is wearing this scarf which I wear at LEAST once a day.  It’s kinda sick how obsessed I am with it.  Becca is obsessed with it, she just had to buy these shoes instead of the scarf.  Priorities.

I made brocoli salad.  And I may have eaten 2/3 of it already.  Nitrate-free bacon, cranberries sweetened with apple juice from Whole Foods, organic sunflower seeds, and Paleo-Mayo dressing.  We will get to that.

And here it is….SOOOOOOO at some urging and encouraging of another mayo-obsessed friend, I added some bacon grease to my Mayo.  Hot DANG.  I mean, I wanted to eat it out of the container (funny, how someone of you would think that I couldn’t possible do that.  I did….)  IT WAS SO GOOD.

World, meet our collective boyfriend – Shemar Moore.  Man is SO fine I cannot even TALK about it.  SO. FINE.

And I got my screws out 😉


2 thoughts on “my recent days in pictures…

  1. I said to the TV last night “Morgan, can I have your babies?”. OBSESSED with Shemar Moore and it started with Diary of a Mad Black Woman…
    I love my HG braid, can we do that more often. And I need that scarf, we will discuss…
    Travilty…that is all

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