And the 25th Birthday goes to….


Wanna know why you should hang out with Rachel??

1) She is OBSESSED with her dog like I am.  And it’s funny because Abby has taken on some of Rachel’s neurotic personality!  Obviously not the running around and then spinning on her back-side part.  BUT last night, I was snapping at Abby to get on the couch?  And Rachel got up to move…..I think it is because they are SO in-tune.

2) And Let’s be honest – she is one of the most CREATIVE people that I know.  Yes, that is green hair!  And Orange!  And Pink! And Blonde!  She has been expressing her creativity since she was 15 years old.  One of the few people at Mountain Brook who dyed her hair!  And to this day, I have no idea how she got away with it in the dress code.  And she CERTAINLY didn’t get that from me!  I was always worried about getting turned into the principal’s office for dress code!

3) She LOVES, KNOWS, and UNDERSTANDS music.  I wouldn’t be half as “cool” as I am if Rachel hadn’t shared her love of music with us!  From the time she was little, she could find the most interesting and gorgeous bands!  I mean, she is ALWAYS sharing music with Becca and me, and I have no idea how she always knows the bands before they get popular!

4) She hates deer.  Like HATES them.  Like thinks that they are murderous freaks of nature.  Mainly because one jumped out at her on a dark road one time and didn’t just cause her to wreck.  It wrecked havoc on her car….and they had to cut her out!  Also, small little known fact…she may or may not keep her car pretty packed with stuff….and when they cut her out of the car they immediately put her on a stretcher and then into the hospital.  When we all go the to hospital, she may or MAY NOT have had some change stuck to her BACK under her clothes!  It was a piece of sunshine in the scary-ness of having our baby sister attacked by a deer!

5) Actually, this is NOT just about Rachel, but about the whimsey of my sisters.  They are ALL so much more funny than I am!  SO SO SO…..Below is a quick text exchange between Becca and Rachel in regards to what she wants for her birthday:

“You can ask mom.  I’ve told Jet a couple of rhinos

“sorry – I’ve told MOM a couple of THINGS”

B – “Is this Jet person a rhino dealer?  Would prefer a baby rhino or one that was full grown?!”

R – “I am thinking a baby rhino so that it could be trained.”

B – “Have you cleared this with Ruthie?  Will it live in the backyard?

R – “oh, of course.”

B – “I will look for the baby rhino first, but you might have to settle for a pair of boots as a rhino might be a tad out of my price range…

6) Her makeup – she had OODLES AND OODLES of make-up.  She introduced me and Becca to Urban Decay (which, heavens, i LOVE THEIR EYESHADDOW).   And she always wears like the coolest eyeliner.

7) Her bravery!  This chick LEFT the United States for a year with she was 18.  Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was 18, I wanted to hang out with my current friends. But she LEFT!  And went to England!  And hung out with SHEEPS!  And BY HERSELF!

And most of all, she is one of the most LOVING people you will meet!  She always over-looks her friends/enemies/family’s flaws.  She is the most forgiving person you will ever meet….

SO GO SEE HER at Regis in Brookwood, ask for a head massage and just enjoy the chatter of Rache’s Life!



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