Dull? nope, it’s what is going ON!

**This article is not for people like Cyn or Becca who just skim 😉  LOVE YALL.

I have always been a science/numbers/logical (don’t laugh!  do take that with a grain of salt) woman.    So after reading more in depth behind why Dallas and Melissa do what they do,  I am totally engrossed with moving towards cleaner eating.  ITS HARD!  PEOPLE ARE JUDGISH!  And they always feel like I am judging THEM, which if you understand 99% of people, they are mostly concerned with themselves (like I AM!) and it takes enough energy to figure out what I have to eat that day than what you do are eating for that day….

Dude.  Total side bar…Sorry.  Anywho….

So one of the reasons that I gave up grains is because I can TELL that I don’t work as well when I eat them.  I NEVER have been able to just eat 1 serving of bread, muffins, pancakes, pasta, etc you NAME it.  And it leads to wanting to eat more, then feeling guilty, then eating more because I feel guilty…and hi my name is Ruth and I am a food addict…

I just wanted to share a couple of really “science-y” articles which already helped back my “hypothesis” about how my body functions.

Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double Edged Sword” – excerpt from this paper on grains which I found particularly startling (Yes I KNOW Cyn, you are not going to read this….)

Generally, in most parts of the world, whenever cereal-based diets were first adopted as a staple food replacing the primarily animal-based diets of hunter-gatherers, there was:

  • a characteristic reduction in stature
  • an increase in infant mortality
  • a reduction in lifespan
  • an increased incidence of infectious diseases
  • an increase in iron deficiency anemia
  • an increased incidence of osteomalacia
  • porotic hyperostosis
  • other bone mineral disorders  
  • an increase in the number of dental caries and enamel defects .

In a review of 51 references examining human populations from around the earth and from diVering chronologies, as they made the transition from hunter-gatherers to farmers, Cohen  concluded that there was an overall decline in both the quality and quantity of life. There is now substantial empirical and clinical evidence to indicate that Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double-Edged Sword many of these deleterious changes may be directly related to the predominantly cereal-based diet of these early farmers.

I love this graph from the CDC….

SO.  Back to me.  LOOK AT THAT LIST!  OF THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN STUDIED.  And yes guys I know there is research for EVERYTHING.  And I can’t speak to what you believe in….but DANG if even ONE of those things is true on the list…. that would be enough for me.  So I don’t really MISS grains.  I can look in the fridge and see where my sister has ordered pizza or egg rolls and not even blink!  Yes, it took a while, but it happened.

So I cleaned out my pantry last week, and wish I had seen THIS LIST of what to do with my old “stuff”  – and for a girl who loves a good pantry, this was HARD for me to do!


On a side note 🙂   I have been on an anti-soda kick lately…trust me, my coworkers LOVE me.  It stems from the fact that we have NO WATER at my new job.  Yep, you heard me.  The pipes are so nasty that the water comes out brown (and YES we live in the United States…), so instead of bringing water, people just get sodas out of the vending machine.  It’s really strange to me!  Anywho, when I was reading around to pull up information about cokes I found this little beaut below!

Clean Your Toilet

Toilet dirty? I’m sure yours is not, but mine sometimes is. Pour a can of coke in a toilet and let sit an hour. Use a brush to remove stains and flush. It will shine. We even tried this on a 30-40 year old toilet in a house we remodeled- it worked (and that toilet probably hadn’t been cleaned in 30-40 years). To me, that is enough reason to never ingest the stuff but if not, here are some other things you can use it for so you don’t drink it:

  • Removing gum from hair- soak hair in it for 10 minutes and gum comes right out
  • Unclog drains- just pour in the coke and wait (Did I mention you should not ingest this stuff!)
  • Remove that gunk from car batteries-pour on and it come right off
  • clean grout- soak a sponge in it and use to clean grout stains
  • remove grease stains on clothes-soak the stain in coke and wash well

Things not to use soda for: human consumption.


Sidenote:  Have an AWESOME weekend!  I am teaching RPM and Body Flow, hoping to hit up Oak Mountain or the JCC Trail to get out in the sunshine and then seeing my dear sweet friends this weekend!  OH and some Bikram, for SURE.


One thought on “Dull? nope, it’s what is going ON!

  1. Things soda is good for – headaches! the caffeine does make me feel better…
    and you are right the rest of the post was too much for me. I was a little offended when you said I just skim so I was determined to read the whole post and then I got to the words “cleaner eating” and then I jumped to “judgish” and then I think I saw the word pancake….
    then I jumped to coke and something about a toilet. LOVE YOU!
    – Boo
    ps – you know we love fountain coke, and I can’t even drink it any more (sniff, sniff)

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