check check, 1-2-3

Easy as PIE right??  Making a life style change, I mean!  Trying to change my WHOLE outlook on how I view food.  What it does to my body.  How I work with one group of food versus the OTHER group of foods.

Just kidding.

NOT EASY.  I mean, like SO not easy.

So I turned 30 this past weekend (let’s give it UP for 30, yall!!!) I swear its going to be the best years of my LIFE.  I already like being 30, even though I still got carded at Publix and every single Mexican establishment I’ve ever been to.  Not so sure about bars any more since I’ve not stepped foot in one in YEARS.  Oh!  I didn’t get carded at Avondale Brewery this past weekend!  But that might have had to do with the fact I was wearing a tiara that said “Happy 30th” on it.  Nevermind….

Avondale Brewery

Side note before I get to the point.  ABC is flipping AWESOME.  Neat building, love what the Avondale Community is doing to drive traffic to that area, and just LOVE this side of town anyways.  I had a little bit of all the beers, but I happen to like the Saison, which is a Belgiun pale ale.  Mostly because it reminds me of summer.  Oh!  And I think that elephant is adorable.  Small fact I learned from my friend Danny this weekend – that is a Hops Flower underneath his foot (between the A and B).  I KNOW right??  You are learning SO much from my posting today.

SO back to the point.

Which was making a life change, by choice.  As we know (and NO need to revisit) there were several life changes that happened over the past year that I had NO control over, so I decided to be proactive and find out what this “Paleo” lifestyle is about.

In January, I did the 30 day challenge (WHICH, BTW took me almost 50 days.  Go figure.  And counting IS my forte!) and at the end of my time, just kinda STAYED “pure” in my eating because I was terrified in “going off program” (yes, that is a WW term).  But let’s be honest!  Eating 110% perfect EVERY SINGLE DAY is not realistic.  And it most certainly does not fit anyone’s lifestyle, unless you never leave your house again.  So I started adding some things back in….Cheese for example.  Then I made some Red Velvet and Brownie cupcakes for my birthday.  Then I went to (well….I’m not going to tell you ALL the places that I went! – BUT they were good!) SEVERAL places for my birthday, ending with Ollie Irene (GO if you haven’t tried it!!  GO THIS WEEKEND!) and waking up this morning feeling sluggish, bloated and yuck.

SO Notes about Ruth:

1) Cheese makes your GI go wacko.  I never understood when people said dairy didn’t agree with them.  But I think I was too far into my obsession to realize how my body reacted!  And since that was the first thing I added back in, it had a definite reaction on my body!

2) Beer (hops, grains, whatever!) makes me super hungsies.  Like, WOW. But Wine?  Not so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be giving up beer.  Not after I have encouraged you to test out the local brewery!  But I won’t be indulging quite as deep as I have in the past.  NOT A BAD THING, folks!

3) VEGGIES AND FRUIT are important!  And with birthday celebrations, I have had less time to plan meals.  SO IMPORTANT, or I just don’t eat right.  It’s like brushing my teeth.  I HATE doing it.  But I can’t just skip it!

4) I sleep better, workout better, feel better, have a BETTER attitude, clearer skin, and pants that fit (what?) BETTER.  All from planning what I eat!  Making sure that have the tools at my fingertips to make me successful.  Plus I lost 12 lbs.  By eating more mayonnaise, nuts, avocados and coconut milk than I ever have in my life.

SO now that you know all of these things that don’t really mean MUCH to you, but they make my life better by knowing them – here is my plan!  Going to go another 30 days since the last 10 have been, well, less than steller.  BUT ONLY 30.  Because I’ve got to take baby steps in how to make this successful and managable for life.

From Dallas and Melissa’s page:

The Whole30 is not a diet, a short-term fix or a temporary solution. It’s also not the Whole365.

We want you to use the Whole30 as a learning tool to gain awarenessof how the foods you used to eat were actually affecting how you look, feel, live and perform.

And then we want you to carry that awareness forward, and use your experience to change the way you eat for the rest of your life.

We encourage you to make educated, deliberate decisions about when, how often and in what quantities you include less healthy foods in your diet. We’ve written a collection of articles about how to accomplish this in a way that is sane, sustainable and healthy.

And JUST TO BE CLEAR – I am just unplugging and plugging it back in.  I don’t think I reaped the WHOLE benefits of the Whole30.  And I KNOW this can be a way of life.  But like everything else in my life, it takes a few times to STICK.

WOOP WOOP.  Here’s to life changes!


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