new job new job…someone got a new job!

SO I MOVED JOBS.  I think you got that, but in case you are like me and skip the title page, and just read the last chapter to KNOW if you want to read something, then maybe you did forget to read it.  Yes.  I like the last chapter.  It’s how I have to KNOW if the couple is going to get together in the movie or that the protagonist IS going to live.  Otherwise, I don’t want to watch the movie.  I KNOW STRANGE (Team Peeta!) but it really allows me to enjoy a book FULLY without being overanxious about “will they? wont they? why don’t they?  WHY are they being so petty!!” and focus on the actual story.   It is how I am going to be OK in life – I know God’s got the end of my life!  I KNOW RIGHT?  But knowing how the story ends makes me view life differently.

annnnd I digress.

OLD Job.

So, I had been at my old job for 3 years.  And I loved the people I worked with.  My direct supervisor and myself worked together SO WELL that I cried for all of the two weeks knowing that I was leaving.  Sidenote:  Have you EVER put in a two week-notice and actually have to work it out?  Because it is TOTALLY for the birds!  While my old job had SO many various perks, I started to realize that the reason I like it because it was easy.  And while God clearly had me there for all of 2011 for a reason (ummm this and this to start!), I started to feel I wasn’t being used well.   One of my personality quirks is that I like to be challenged.  And daily.  If I just sit there and don’t have much to do, then I get antsy and frustrated.  And we all know there is a big difference between WORK and BUSYWORK.  I can only file/research/manage paper so much.  So when the opportunity presented itself, I JUMPED at it.


So here I am.  Day 7 of my new job.  I actually have an office, instead of hearing every nail file, every phone conversation, every piece oh food through their teeth.  And while my office seems mostly to be the “common” room, it still is REALLY nice to have my OWN space.  (yes, i am SUCH the oldest child!)  I did have a come-apart the first day of work, worried to DEATH that I would disappoint my new boss.  But then, DUHH, I am actually going to be FINE.  Like really fine.  I actually am learning stuff that will be applicable to any future jobs, and there is  place for me to be here!  I am trying to find my way at this new job – which is always hard because people just don’t get me.  Yes I wear REALLY tall shoes, yes that is a shark-bite on my leg, yes I bring my food.  every. single. day.  No I am not married.  Yes I want to be married.  NO I don’t like carbonated drinks, yes I am really almost 30….And the list of questions goes on and on.  And so I desperately have to pray for patience and for people not to judge me too quickly, especially being a dark-headed woman in the south.  As my friend Sue always tells me, Well you ARE VERY straight-forward!  And yes I am, and normally don’t think much about it.  And because I now work for “The University” side – I can go back to school in the fall!  No, I am NOT sure where that will go.  Yes I will have to give up something (does sleep count?!) and no, I don’t know what it looks like.  But I have a boss who has mandated that I go back to school 😉  And who wants me to PROFESSIONALLY BE THE BEST I CAN.  And that my friends, is insanely pricesless.


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