just touching base, right?

I miss you guys!  But don’t you worry, I have dedicated a post to the inner realms of my mind:

1) Do most people FILE their nails?  Or do they clip them?  I’ve always just been a nail biter, but in the last 5 years, I’ve rid myself of almost all of that habit!  I know, I know…its gross!  But I never said I was perfect.  (Actually, I am pretty close…Just have a few steps to reach there.)

2) I am having a hard time deciding where to eat dinner for my family birthday.  yeah, its comin’ up, and I am SURE you missed the 8,094 memos I have reminded you guys.  I can’t help it!  After my last year, I am SO glad to be rid of my 20’s and on to a new chapter!  Side note, a new co-worker informed me that 30’s are terrible.  He hopes that mine are better than his. (umm, they WILL BE, sucker!)

3)  Havin’ a sick dog is for the birds!  Last week was filled with non-sleeping.

4) Is it ALREADY TIME to launch the Q2 for Les Mills?  Aparently so, since they charged me for my new releases.

5)  Why is it that I can get obsessed with every type of exercise known to man, and some people HATE to work out.  I wish I could share my love with everyone!  Currently, I am loving Bikram Yoga down in Vestavia near the bowling ally.  If you want to come, just LET ME KNOW!

6) I wish I could wash my hair more.  I just don’t like to.

7)  Sleeping an entire 7.5 hours makes for an AWESOME morning!  I am ready to solve ALL of the world’s problems!  Just tell me what is going on!  I’ll fix your life ASAP!  I’m just good, and PERFECT like taht (see #1).

8) Saw WICKED two weeks ago.  It was MOST excellent.

9) I REALLY want to go to all of these awesome music festivals coming up (see here, here, here and here!  OH and one day, I will make it here: 2013 Glastonbury Festival.  Check out their amazing past line up!)

10)  I love Mexican food.  I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

What I am eating this week:

Melissa’s Meat Muffins  (I used Italian Sausage – super SPICEY and its so. so. sooo good.)  Also, aparently I only like to make mini-muffins, in which case it yeilds like 48.  I think I had 12 this morning for breakfast.  Please don’t judge.  Also, Melissa has been SO AWESOME to offer yall a PDF of the recipe from her book.  For FREE!


Tuna+Cracked Pepper Mayo+Avocado+Capers = super tasty snack

Cuties (I mean they are SO cute!)

Boston Butt, taco style last night.  The world is my Oyster for tonight!

GoGo Squeez – kinda obsessed how EASY these are for a snack!  And SO TASTY!  Obvi I don’t eat the Banana one.  But I LOVE the strawberry one!

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