big things are comin’

I always think of the song that Tony sings about Maria from West Side Story when change comes running down my world.

A few small things….

1) I start a new job on Monday

2) I am TERRIFIED of it

3) I’ve cried for two weeks straight not knowing if what I am doing is the correct path.  (It is.  I checked both the eight ball, crystal ball AND Jesus.  But mostly in prayer ;))

4) I’m turning 30 in 2.5 weeks  – VERY excited about that!  I think that I am having a Fiesta….THATS RIGHT.  And I may wear this dress:

(Well, that one is $5900.  But you get the idea.)

5) I may get a new phone.  I found a phone on the sidewalk last week, but it only works for Verizon.  So I’m listing it on Craig’s List to trade.  I really want an Android-driven phone as long as it has a keyboard!  I really cant write work emails without a keyboard.  REALLY.  I’ve tried.

6) I will get a computer at my new work that works!  I had an utter breakdown Monday and Tuesday.  I have a few things left to do this week but I seriously cannot get them down.  The IT dept said, “We can’t fix your computer, its F****.”  Literally.  That’s what the IT department said.

7) I zipped up dresses this week that I previously have BUSTED the zipper.  Thanks to Whole30/Paleo.  And my wrap-up post is comin’ along 😉  But just not THERE yet.  Also added benefits (cover your ears if you don’t want to hear good news) – my work outs are better, my sleeping is MARGINALLY better (I’m not a great sleeper) and my seasonal depression seems to be letting up, and I KNOW its not because of this beautiful weather we have been having!

8) I had the BEST Valentine’s Day Date with two of the loves of my life.  Bikram Yoga and some laughs!

9) My house is messy and I can’t seem to get it fixed up….Need help in that department!

10) I am OK.  “This is the day that the Lord has made!  I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  THAT and “Cast all your anxiety on Him who cares for you!” 1st Peter 5:7

ps – that verse was my Life Verse I picked out in Mrs. Plantenga’s 5th grade class at Lafayette Christian School.  Also unknown is that I was a cheerleader for the Basketball Team.  Dear lord do I wish I could find those pictures for yall. ohhhhhh I WISH.

Hope everyone is having an awesome day!!!  Laugh lots, remember you are a child of God, and tomorrow comes sooner than you want it too!

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