HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST BLONDE SISTER a girl could ask for.

My sister is one of the most eligible and awesome chicks you can meet! (Besides my other sister too!!!)  But here are my top 7 reasons you should love her like I do….

1) She is HYSTERICAL.  I could never have watched How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang without her introducing them to me.  Plus, she will sing me “Soft Kitty” on command.

2) She does NOT LIKE hard labor and she will tell you outright.  She doesn’t like to change tires or get her hands dirty or be outdoors or anything where bugs could be present.  SO this would be her WORLD’S WORST NIGHTMARE, and I think it seems like the most awesome event EVER.  ALso, this is her bumper sticker:

0.0 Euro Decal

3) She has the BEST accents. Like Count Chocula and one with lisp. and other ones that I just can’t remember but they always make me laugh!  If you ask her to do it, she gets slightly red in the face and SWEARS she cannot do it “ON COMMAND”.  (she can, she just don’t like to)

4) Her shoe obsession.  I’ve been looking for “slightly worn” Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahniks for her.  I STILL cannot afford it. And it makes me sad.

5) Her uncanny ability to learn lyrics to songs.  I mean, ONE TIME and she knows all the lyrics!!  AND she likes the MOST GHETTO music known to man.  Twista and Kayne West “Overnight Celebrity“.  I mean, all I know is that it says “overnight” sometimes.  And that is IT.  And she taught our momma the words to “I Like Big Butts” and Cisco’s “Thong Song”.  I know, TMI, but I know its a culture class for my mom when ever she rides in the car with her!

6) She has the SKINNIEST Arms.  I mean, like SKINNY!  It’s no wonder she doesn’t like to pick things up, because I SWEAR those things would break off.  And I can hardly get shirts over my arms!

7)  There are like eight THOUSAND things!  She’s kind, she’s funny, she’s sensitive, she doesn’t like Les Mills, she has a smaller foot and a tinier waist….

But the thing is, I am SO. PROUD. OF. MY. SISTER.  She has become this awesome, God-fearing woman who leads a Bible Study for Jr High girls on Wednesday mornings.  She’s figured out that her opinion matters, and she KNOWS how to make it.  She is successful in ALL of her job efforts, and people know RIGHT AWAY that she is a hard worker.  She slept EVERY NIGHT in the same bed at the hospital with me, and came to relieve my mom when I couldn’t even sit up.

She works hard, and she does not give up.  She is a better friend to her friends than they even know, and I always hope they understand what a gem she is.  She even washes and dries her hair EVERY DAY, which if you know me, is really impressive, because she wants to ALWAYS look her best!

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Boo.  I love you SO MUCH!  I know the next 50+ years are going to be the best!  


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