Hairy Coverts and Eggs


This may not look good but it was ah-mazing!

Green Beans (or how I call them, Hairy Coverts)

Quick boil to the beans until they become fragrant.  (I got this Lodge 6-qt dutch oven in Spice Red for Christmas, and I use it EVERY day for everything.  Cook on the stove, in the stove and throw in the frig.  One pot stop for this chick!)
Toss together in same pan (after you drain the water)

  • 1 small Tablespoon of Ghee (or fat of your choice – I get this from Whole Foods),
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Your spice of choice (a few pepper flakes would be good. Or thyme.  Or DILL but I am SO obsessed with Dill right now)
  • Oh, and garlic. Always garlic.

Throw in your cast-iron pot in the 350 degree oven.

Now, choices. I cook for a few days at a time since I get home at 8p most nights. By if this is a meal for your family or you now, cook the beans for about 10-15 minutes until you smell the garlic. Then crack 4-6 eggs, and cover. I like my eggs runny (really don’t get why you would eat a hard egg). So, to get that perfect,take it out when the eggs still look a little raw, keep covered for 3-5 additional minutes on the counter.

I cooked it all, put the beans/etc in the frig and have been cooking in a pan. Starting with a cold pan, throw as much beans as you want in it, crack two eggs in the frey and cover. Yolk, eggs and tomatoes were oh SO FINE.

Very tasty and super easy.

Dang that picture is just terrible.  Blackberry camera’s aren’t that great.  Especially when NONE of the buttons work.

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