32 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UNTIL I TURN 30.  DUDE.  I am psyc’ed.  Like REALLY I am.  20’s wasn’t really my thing.  Like, kinda an understatement.  I see all my friends and family and GET that turning 30, getting older, REALLY IS BETTER.

Now that I’ve gotten over my whole, “I need to get married, have babies and be perfect” phase, I’m ready to be exactly who God wants me to be!  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait until this dude or this dude or THIS dude sweeps me off my feet.  And of course, if all those hotties are busy, I’m open to applicants (and blind dates!).  But the thing is….I like where I am right now….MOVING FORWARD.

BUT THE REAL REASON is to write out my Bday list for you if you are ready to purchase things for me.  Only 32 days!  GET ON IT, INTERWEBS!

  1. iphone 4S.  YES I WANT IT.  YES I CANNOT HELP IT.  Ugg.  I’m not an “Apple” person.  But if we are talking about things I will never get but want.  It is on there.
  2. A bike rack for the car!  Its sitting inside the car…but pretty much never leaves the inside of my car.  Whooooops!
  3. A Vitamix….annnnd its pretty dang awesome.  But seriously, how can you justify getting one of these when my Hamilton Beach works awesome when making Mayonnaise.  But, for anyone that has seen Final Destination, I totally feel like the blade one day is going to hit my head and kill me instantly.  That, and I KNOW one day my garbage disposal will just “magically” turn on when I’m retrieving something out of it.  And then I remember that God holds the universe in his hand, and its NOT magic.  And then I am OK again!
  4. A Louis.  A real one.  Like not the kind you get in NYC.
  5. Obagi. I’ve been DYING to try this line.  And then two of my best friends went out and started using it and they look amazing.  FURTHER pushes my obsession of it.  Anyone else try it??
  6. Yoga Retreat, anyone??  Yeah, because that would be Ah-MAAAAAZING.
  7. In the grand scheme of Birthday Presents, the thing is these are things I would NEVER buy for myself, but want!  My former MIL had these plates for Christmas, and I just ADORE them.  But, spending $100 on something I don’t use all year?  Not happening.
  8. Annnnnnnnnd that is about the extent of my selfish wants.  Today, that is.

The thing is, I really don’t NEED ANYTHING!  Car has gas is in, the house is being paid on, my frig is full, my clothes are fit and cute, my shoes are fitting…I love everything about my life!  God is such a giving and good God.  He has given me MANY opportunities to live better.  Be better…Shine for HIM!  and yes, still working on it daily.  BUT.  all in all, He is a gracious and giving God who kept my foot on, and brought me back to a functioning Les Mills Athlete!  (loosely, i KNOW).

But.  Mark your Calendars.


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