in where a rainy day enhances my feelings.

***READ THIS on your own discretion.  Its meaty and in-your-face. (don’t you say I didn’t warn you!)

I’ve been testing my leg (this leg) out for it’s limits.  And today, after 21 days of non-stop working out, it hit it.  Don’t worry, my Physical Therapist has been watching me, and she knows what I’m doing….kinda 😉

Yeah, that’s how I feel today.

And I feel I also need this:

Selk'bag 3G - Wearable Sleeping Bag

I’m sorry, who doesnt need a WEARABLE SLEEPING BAG!  I need it for my desk today.  Not for the jumping part.  NOT FOR THE JUMPING PART, did you hear me?!  But for the relaxation.

So on to my rant today.  I am so tired of people saying something is “too hard”.  I’m just not sure in life where that became an acceptable excuse, but after this week, it has been everyone’s damn excuse.  SO.  Irritated.  I am sure that we were not born on this earth for things to be easy.

This rant has a two-fold observation on “Hardness”.  First – Paleo.  People over the last two weeks have told me “I can’t do 30 days on Paleo  – its too hard.  Now, not WANTING to is one thing, but too hard?  And for 30 days?  With the insurance that you WILL feel better?  We as humans, as Americans, as ALABAMIANS are accustomed to a certain standard, I GET THAT.  We want what we want.  But being totally honest here, if I got what I wanted, I would eat cupcakes all day, drink wine and smoke cigarettes.  Non-stop.  Because that is what I like to do.  Oh, and while we are at it, let just add some Xanax in there, right?  But NONE of those things are good for me.  They do not ADD benefit to my life.  They don’t make me a better person, and they CERTAINLY wouldn’t be appreciated by my classmates, friends, co0workers, etc.    And there are days that all I want to do is eat things that I know will make me feel like crap.  I am assuming that its a self-deprication thing.  But I don’t.  And yes, its hard.  BUT GUESS WHAT PEOPLE.  It’s all HARD.

That’s where we get into the second, spiritual part.  So if we as sinful humans can’t take care of the body we have (and I am not talking about Paleo.  Or Weight Watchers or Atkins, or the Dash diet or making it into the gym 4x a week or making your run or whatever is it.  But just basic care -making a good decision about what you put in your body and what you do to your body) we certainly are not taking care of our souls.  Or at least in the way that God expects us to.   Making a difference in our lives so that people understand who God is and what his Son has done for us.  And that my friends is the hardest thing we tackle.  And guess WHAT we CAN’T do it ourselves.  Now, I am about to get into some of my heavy big-time thoughts.  Please click away if I have already offended or pissed you off.  Because more is coming.  And you may not believe me, but guess what.  I am right.  Not in the sense that I always have to be right.  But it’s the God-breathed truth of the gospel.

Jesus is WORTHY of far more than church attendance and casual association.  He is worthy of (here is the HARD PART.  It’s ok…truth is a lot of times HARD to hear!) TOTAL ABANDONMENT.  Abandonment for his glory, which means we leave behind our own comforts, careers, possessions, position, families, friends, safety, sin, and more importantly, ourselves.  I do believe God chooses us.  That he gets his glory THROUGH us, by us but NOT because of us.  God breathed life INTO us, and we owe him everything.  To this day, I still feel entitled to things – I deserve that brownie, that shoe, that nap, that WHATEVER I feel I need today.  And what I am focusing on in 2012 is to become a better version of myself.  So there are things that I can control – being a better steward with my money, ingesting foods that fuel me better, making choices in friendships and men BETTER.   But God will ultimately heal and change ME.  My soul.  My innermost being which is literally the core of who I am.

From the beloved Dr. Platt:

“Dr. Platt began by reviewing the first four chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. In these chapters, Matthew paints a portrait of who Jesus is. This is central to Jesus’ call in Matthew 4:19: “Follow me.” We need to know the Me who is doing the calling. Jesus is Messiah, Immanuel (God/man), Sovereign, Shepherd, Savior, Judge, the new Adam, the true Israel, the Light of the world, and the hope for all people (and more). In light of Jesus’ identity, we are called to follow Him with radical abandonment. He is worth more to us than all else. We renounce self and live for one thing: to honor the King. We live by joyful dependence on His grace and with faithful adherence to His person. Our lives are characterized by total trust in His authority and urgent obedience to His mission, which is making disciples together with our brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Kingdom: A Journey Through Matthew video: KINGDOM7_VID


I did pull a lot of things from the sermon this week at Church of Brookhills.  Ok, a LOT but….its really good.

So.  Here is my challenge.

 Get OUT of your comfort zone.

Do something HARD

  •  Give up your internet,
  • Give up your addiction to cheese or incessant cleaning.
  • Plan your meals.
  • Balance your check book.
  • Stop spending money on shoes and give every penny you don’t NEED for 30 days to a charity.
  • Give up staying up late in order to be better at work.
  •  Give up SOMETHING that you don’t think you can do.

 And be freed from it.  

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