Musings of a Thursday

DID YOU KNOW (because I did.  Because I know everything.  Didn’t you know that??)

  1. Ginger in water helps relieve bloating.
  2. Speaking of bloating, have you seen Shelton’s foray into Cruciferous Vegetables?
  3. (if you haven’t)
  4. Big Bang makes me laugh ALL the time.  Start watching PRONTO.
  5. I need a  new phone.  Did you know that??  Because I most CERTAINLY did.  I want this one:
  6. I LIKE to can/store/be domestic.  I will be making these pickles this weekend.  Sidebar:  I love Marisa, even though I have never met her (obvi.  I’ve never met any of my bloggers I stalk follow.)  She makes canning look SO easy and she is super helpful!
  7. And that’s what I’ve been thinking today.
  8. The end.
  9. Really.  The end.

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