{Day 9} through the fire….

And into the Frying Pan.  Metaphorically, of COURSE.

I did it!  I made it past that TERRIBLE portion where I think, dear HEAVENS why in my right mind would I give up cheese and spirits!  CHEESE AND SPIRITS!  CAN YOU HEAR ME, OH CAVEMEN???

And.  I ate Tuna for the first time this weekend (I won’t mention how MANY packets I ate…)

and with pickles and this mayo (yes, HOMEMADE).   I made two versions.  Dill and Celery Salt and a Spicy version (Garlic Salt and Chili Powder).  I cannot wait to play around with this recipe!

I made THIS Chili, passed on the recipe to 6 co-workers and my family.  I ate it over a sweet potato….spaghetti squash…with an egg.  Oh, and over the left-over breakfast casserole that I was not in love with.  I am a FREAK about veggies, so I added Swiss Chard and Mushrooms.  It is delicious.  DEEEEEE-lish!

I’m into cooking on Saturdays right now (awesome tips for efficiency and success!!).  Not quite the WOD Paleo food challenge, but its close!  Its very therapeutic for me.  And I feel productive instead of sitting on the couch or totally spending the whole weekend in the gym.  For me there is not much in the middle.  And I get tired of cleaning the house.  There is only so much base-boarding I can do!

OH OH OH!  I almost forgot to tell you!  GUESS WHAT I DID!  Rode my bike!  RODE MY BIKE!  It was super fun to get out and spin my wheels.  AND I didn’t forget how to do it!  I have been so worried about stopping and starting, what would I do if I had a flat tire (ummm, change it?), would I fall, do I remember HOW to change gears??  (Sidebar – I still am the LOUDEST Gear Changer around.  I could never sneak attack on anyone.  Still finessing that one, but it kinda follows through on the rest of my life, right??).  I am currently testing out my fitness level (Yes my PT knows about this) – taught a bazillion classes last week, upped weight in BodyPump, took a few extra Yoga classes at The Yoga Circle, rode my bike, and stayed out of bed all weekend!  SG (my Physical Therapist) said that I am DOING WELL which I am so happy for.



Let me share with you what I have noticed on Day 8

  1. Sleeping better.  Like better than I have before my divorce, before troubles, and probably before I got married!  All the way through the night with MAYBE one time waking up.  (Gotta get the roommate on the non-noisy schedule with me.)
  2. Skin is clearing up!  Despite the fact that I am 30 in 6 weeks and 5 days….(give or take a few minutes ;-)) I have acne!  Its from the gym, hormones, etc etc etc.
  3. I haven’t hit the deathly-hunger yet!
  4. My energy and smiles are through the roof!
  5. Despite being tired, my BRAIN is functioning better.  For example, in BodyPump last night, I can tell when I get tired because my coaching just goes out the door, and I call an elbow a knee or say 3/1 when I mean Singles….or totally say something that makes NO SENSE at all (and make myself laugh later on!).  Last night, when pushing hard on the last set of lunges, I actually had a better flow out of my mouth!  It was awesome.
  6. I am wearing a skirt today that is LOOSE.  Woomp.

Here is my question for yall.  Why do we (myself included!) choose to indulge in behaviors that make us feel worse!  It’s funny how we ALL get caught up in comfort, in old behaviors and can’t break out of it.  I am OBSESSED with finding the better version of myself right now.  What does that look like for you?


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