{day 4} whole30 and how getting lost i may find myself.


A couple of things…I haven’t lived Paleo very long or like 3 days to be exact.  And I am STILL not sure I can do it for life or if I will notice any changes (giving up chips, crackers, etc – BUT CHEESE?  I just don’t KNOW!).

BUT WHAT I DO KNOW is that I need an overhaul to my eating.  I’m obsessed with this website and their food philosophy.  My current philosophy is “eat to feel better, eat to satiate emotions, eat because you want to.”  And as my pants are telling me, that just doesn’t work.

One thing I do like about Whole9 is the focus they put on the Paleo lifestyle as being manageable for YOUR OWN Life.  Not living by a book of “rules” or “do’s and don’ts” but something that is accessible and sustainable for your life-time (kids, old, young, athlete or not and beyond).

Another chick that I have been LOVING is Melissa at The Clothes make the Girl.  She is a WEALTH of information and I cannot wait to get her cookbook once payday comes around again!  ALso, she posts stuff like THIS  which is JUST awesome to me.

So here goes MY LIFE.  Not yours not what you think I need to do, but MINE!

7 thoughts on “{day 4} whole30 and how getting lost i may find myself.

  1. We love that you get our philosophy! We just reposted you on the W9 FB page. Thank you for sharing your experience – best of luck to you.

    Melissa & Dallas

  2. You GO girl… I am sure you will notice a lot of great stuff on the way… I have been eating paleo for some time and never felt better-I am doing the whole30 now as well-on my 10.th day… Keep up the good spirit-you will do just fine… Thanks for sharing your experience…

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