in where i let you know what i’ve been thinking…

Lots of stuff’s been happening!

Some with the head….lots with the body, but mostly ALL with the heart.  As I try and get my thoughts together and share, I struggle with what is my drive and what is what God wants for me in my life!  BUT I promise to share, as I know most of you did NOT start reading my blog for my taste in fashion or soup!  (Although, I will say, both are EXCELLENT).


So, while I gather my thoughts…Here is what I’ve been reading about today:


GO {state of} Alabama!  Gettin’ in the insurance exchange business.  And if you haven’t ever had the pleasure of reading the (violently angry) comments on, ENJOY.

What is an IPO, and why is Facebook doing it?

The {pay pal} Mafia….Who knew?

Consumerism and Christmas.  No article to site, but I am OBSESSED with how freaking OBSESSED people are.  Apparently there are lots of families out there worried about “going broke” for Christmas.  Ummm….so don’t buy as much?  Right?

Adoptions.  Adoptions.  Adoptions.

What’s Ree doing today?  (As I ask many times a day…)

And then….I think about work (but not really.   But I’m supposed to?  But not really…)

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