{Thursday Thoughts} seriously? jingle bells ALREADY?!

I have the HARDEST time with the terrible music during the holidays.  Monster Mash, Jingle Bells (Batman Smells…..), blah blah blah.  And I am totally just overwhelmed with the fact that as SOON as November 1st hits, the music seems to diarrhea from EVERY speaker I walk past.   But really its not just the music.  Its the tacky Christmas stuff that comes out.  Elves, Santa, reindeer, etc.   I am not a big fan of Santa.  Santa didn’t come to our house when we were little, so I don’t like that I can find 8 million different versions of Santa, but a good looking nativity  (or the one that I want!) is nowhere to be found.

Things I DO love about the holidays:

The Food – Sweet Potato Casserole – not quite “my” recipe, but close!

The Colors

Christmas China (ummmm, if any of you is looking for what to buy me for Christmas this year?  I have been DYING for this set!  It comes out every couple of years…But for some reason it seems foolish to me to buy china at this time for just myself!)

Christmas Trees from the Boy Scouts

The Fall Colors

Fires – the Art of Manliness

Shopping for Christmas and NOT leaving my house

Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters  and boots (although with the 70’s back in Alabama this week, I might as well wear shorts!)

Jesus’ Birth

“Who is Jesus?  This question determines everything about how we live, and so I want to focus in on this question. I want us to realize, even in the church, if we’re not careful, around Christmas we will talk about shepherds and angels and wise men and Joseph and Mary and mangers and oxen and this and that. But the mystery of Christmas is not found primarily in the circumstances of the birth of Jesus. The mystery of Christmas if found primarily in the identity of the baby in the manger. Not primarily in the circumstances of his birth, but the identity of this baby. And this is where the mystery lies, in the shocking reality that God has revealed his glory in a crying, screaming, bed-wetting baby, looking up into the sky, only able to wiggle around in his bed. That is an astounding thought. ” – DPlatt


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