{Friday Thoughts} what i learned this week

1.  You can swallow purfume?  Umm…Not for me, thanks!

2.  I would/could/shouldn’t spend all my time on here (But I WANT TO).

3.  I am TERRIBLE at Words with Friends.  Soon I will have no friends left to play with.  Especially not this guy, who’s a PRO!

4.  People are all sorts of making new Google+ Pages.  Not into it.

5.  THIS GUY fixed my leg!  Well, God healed it, but Dr. Siegel repaired it in the operating room.  Profound words by him last Thursday at my 6 month appointment…. “If it hurts, don’t do it!”

6.  Payday was today.  Anyone else have $0.08 budgeted next week outside of gas expenses and bills?  Ready to get out of my house!

7.  I would love to be able to do this to a room!  So….sell my house or take it apart?

And that was the bulk of what I learned.


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