incredible sermon

based on 1 Timothy 1:1-2

As several people have pointed out – David’s sermons mirror what he writes in his book “Radical”  BUT I never seem to have time to read books any more.  I have started reading it, but its on down the list, since I just started a study on Ruth, and am reading “Learned Optimism” and “One Thousand Gifts”and and and and and…

Throughout the Old Testament, God called a people to Himself that they may worship Him and glorify Him throughout the earth. His holy character and His Word caused His people to respond with reverent awe and obedience. Worship is an expression of worship to a God who is not only worthy of worship from all peoples of the earth but who already is the object of worship by all of heaven. The Israelites’ worship of God was characterized by the centralization of the Word of God, their reverent participation and devotion, and their undivided attention to the one true God of the universe. These same characteristics carried into the New Testament Church as the new covenant made them the earthly picture of God’s kingdom. The author of Hebrews noted in Hebrews 12:18-24 that the Church worships God along with the heavenly gathering of worship that never ceases to praise God. There are patterns of worship that were consistently evident in the New Testament church’s worship of God: adoration, confession, instruction from the Word of God, communion, intercession, and commission.  Paul wrote 1 Timothy to the young pastor, Timothy, as he shepherded the church in Ephesus through  struggles. Paul named Christ as our Savior, Hope, Father, and Lord. These identities demand that God be centered in worship. Because our worship is God-centered, our community must be gospel-formed so that we are engaging in His mission and obeying His commands together as we make disciples of all nations.

And then there is this worship:

First Timothy: The Household of God audio: FIRSTTIMOTHY9_AUD
with this girl who has changed my outlook more than you know.

and then there is the heart. my heart. that slowly is changing, longing to be what I was made to be, and desperately wanting to do MORE change MORE be MORE.


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