things i would have updated you on via FB this week

**the Blackberry network exploded?!?! Seriously, how else can you view this as except for a conspiriacy from the Apple network? I swear it was a hi-tech virus.

**So I mentioned to my boss how I have been 14 days without drinking. His response: “oh THAT explains why you have been so orniary.”. Nice. Note to self: get a better attitude. STAT!

** NEW LES MILLS launches this week. If you haven’t gotten into a Group Fitness class, try one! I will go WITH you!

**i forgot how much better I sleep, feel, act with cardio. I know its akin to crack addiction. Tell me its ok!!

**David Platts sermon on Sunday was transforming. His world encompassing mind, no scratch that. His God-encompassing mind makes me regret wasted time and money on that which parishes. Check out – if you just listen to 10 minutes it will affect you.

**Azzie-Azure the car is back! 8 days somehow turned into almosr 20, but HEY ill take it!

**People who don’t plan and require others to pick up their slack may be the baine of my existance. Pray for patience and grace FOR ME to be able to extend it!

**i love fall

**i love the people who pray for me!

**i love the ones that don’t and can’t.

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