great ideas for YOUR week

Mason Jar as Blender Jar | Real Simple.

This is phemononally BRILLIANT!  My sister hates mason jars, but I use them for everything!  Think, tasty smoothie already ready to go!

This morning I made the most amazing smoothie, but seriously was nervous about it;-)

1 c almond milk

1 c spinach

1 scoop (20 gms) of protien powder (in my case, it was chocolate)

1 cup of frozen, sugar-free pineapple

Turned this creepy green color? But it was REALLY good!

Also cooked THIS this weekend for lunch this week.  I swapped out the milk for almond milk, and made the half-and-half Fat Free.  Also, regular potatoes for sweet potatoes (which were on sale this week.  I only used 4 potatoes and cut them up thin.) Everything else I kept the same.  This reminds me of Surin West’s Coconut soup!  Was tweeting about this recipe on Sunday, and it turns out, I am not the only one in Birmingham who cooks mostly off of this website!  If you haven’t cooked Ree’s Spicy Pork or had her Iced Coffee, ummmmm….why not?  (Sidebar: despite previously mention of sister HATING mason jars, she drinks her Iced Coffee from here.  Because PDub does it.  Duhh!!)

I am waiting for the sermon from Sunday to be put up on the Brookhills website, but as soon as it does, I want to pass it along to yall!!

Have a GREAT and happy Monday!


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