quick and unmonumental…

Week in quick review 🙂

      ….I cooked. A LOT.




      I read a verse a day. Wednesday verse was awesome, but I of couse, I can’t remember it. And don’t say I should bc I know lyrics. Because I DON’T know lyrics. Ever.


      I caved on the sugar – had two mini reeses cups yesterday. They were needed and I suppose the diet Just 8 calorie ice cream TECHNICALLY counts. But. Its fake sugar, right?


      I haven’t had a SIP of alcohol. Don’t miss it.


      I decided not to wear jeans. Because they make me feel bad about myself (Thanks to @stacyladden!)


      I went to bed early everynight but last night


      I turned into Elvira…and love it.  Black Hair is back!


    I made it to the gym 5 times since Monday. Ill take it

Seriously though, I am kinda proud of the weeks progress! Not here to toot my horn, but I have recieced so MANY positive texts/G-chats/hugs/love that I just want you to know its working 🙂

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