part of my gank leg is

Intrameduallary (IM) Rodding

Intrameduallary rodding is a procedure to place a medal rod down the center of the tibia to hold the alignment of the bone. A tibial rodding is a surgical procedure that lasts about an hour and half and is usually done under general anesthesia. Patients will have an incision over the knee joint, and small incisions below the knee and above the ankle. In addition, some fractures may require an incision near the fracture to realign the bones.  (for me? the tree did the work for that second incision!)
IM rods are secured within the bone by screws both above and below the fracture. The metal screws and the rod can be removed if they cause problems, but can also be left in place for life. Tibial rodding provides excellent fixation and alignment of the bones. The most common risk of surgery is knee pain, and the most concerning complication is infection. Infection of the rod may require removal of the rod in order to cure the infection.

SO part 1 of my surgery with Dr. Siegle included this procedure!  Knee pain is TOTALLY prevalent.  But i think that it is due to the scar tissue that surrounds my knee on a daily basis.  Sure does inspire me to do pushups on my toes at all time!!  Could not have more blessed with a better surgeon.  Thanks Doc!

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