Bud’s Best Cookies
Wheat Thins
Potato Chips
Paper Plates
King’s Ranch Chicken Casserole
Pot Roast

For whatever reason this is my standard grief package. I’m not truly from the south, but I do know that food = love. Not loving food, but how I can show you I love you by assuring you basic needs are met. Funny how that means love to me.

I’ve never been terribly romantic – just never needed grand gestures or lots of presents or public declaration. For me its having the garbage taken out without me asking, or having my car taken and the oil changed or gas tank filled, or even unloading the dishwasher! There is something everlasting to me about remembering the small details about everyday comfort.

We all deal with the grief monster in a hundred-thousand ways. Personally, I don’t deal with it. Not one bit 🙂 never been good at it, don’t know how to process it, generally let it just explode all at once. kind of how I live life, right???

But Grief-Support? That I can do. I can keep you organized when you can’t get out of bed. I can fix you dinner when you don’t know how to go to the grocery. Run your errands? Do your laundry? Arrange your appointments and errands – check check and check!

What can I help YOU with?

love, ruthie

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