Saw the BEST movie last night.  With my boyfriend….


Ryan Gossling and I are dating.  I made it official last night.

(ps, you need to let this play while you read the rest of this post)

(pps – stopping on someone’e head is my new favorite way to kill someone)

So my sister and I had free tickets to go to 50/50 (the funny cancer movie) and normally I don’t like to see movies on a week day BUT we both really wanted to go see this one!  Movie was at 7:30p.  We arrive in the parking lot at 7:05p.  We walk in…annnnnd the theater is PACKED!  I was not fully hydrated or mentally prepared for the idea of having to fight for two seats together.  And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t either.  So instead of having a plan of how to get the best seats, we kind of wander, really amazed about how douchey the Movie Boss was (aren’t they always!  Damn Movie Powertrip), intrigued about how people are STILL saving seats even though they have been told not to, and thankful I was not in a aggressive move.  So finally, the Douchey Movie Boss announces that there are only two seats available.  And lo-and-behold….we are the only two still walking about!  There is one seat in the VERY FRONT RIGHT HAND SIDE.  and then another across the theater.  Might I point out that I am HANDICAPPED and we both are wearing side braids and hats….so not only do we look like twins, we are not very conspicuous.  So we just decide we are going to share a seat (I KNOW my sister was excited about that.  She hates to be touched.  Where she came from?  I am TOTALLY not sure.  I would have cuddled with anyone in that theater.   As long as they were not too sweaty.  or smelly.  or hairy….but whatever).

Dude announces to the ENTIRE theater that Fire Marshall Bill won’t allow that kind of behavior (I’m assuming he was implying we can’t sit together.  Sounded more like a declaration about us being lesbians or something).  He then starts berating us about how we CAN’T miss this movie, its the most incredible, its awesome, blah blah blah (ummm, the movie comes out on Friday.  I am sure that we can wait 4 more days).  So we hand back our tickets, causing the Dude to scoff with righteous indignation that we would leave Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the night.  But lets really be honest!  Who wants to watch a movie PACKED without your sister near-by.  We both venture out of the house for a wild night at the movies on a TUESDAY and you want me to sit on the VERY front row?  Alone?  Pass.  I’ll just use my tickets to the Edge Movie Theater which gives me free popcorn anyways.

SO in our normal fashion, we have made it past the “guards” at the front of the theater, next thought?  What is playing at the same time?

Abduction, ehhh

Contagion, no thanks

I Don’t Know How She Does It – ummmm no thanks

The Debt – no thanks – freaking AWESOME but no thanks.

Then. We turn the corner….DRIVE

Ryan Gossling? Fast Cars? Blood?  Ok, Blondie and I were SET!  Plus, the movie theater was COLD! And Empty! And we got to pick our seats! AND we could put our feet up on the chairs in front of us!  And there wasn’t a Douchy Movie Boss!

BESIDES THAT.  Drive was fracking AWESOME.  Ryan Gossling hardly says 100 words in the movie.  But that SMILE. those ARMS  and to quote from a blog I read earlier this week, I think my overies exploded. From how sexy you are and how awesome you are with kids. oh and women.  Oh, and cars.  OH and with a hammer.  Yeah, that too. What a throw back to an 80’s soundtrack.

What I want you to do is NOT read any reviews (I never pay attention to them anyways.  Cowboys and Aliens was AMAZING.)  And just go, expect to be impressed and terribly sad when the  movie is over.  Not crying like all those fools who stayed in 50/50, but disappointment that there isn’t more to watch!

And just a few more of my boyfriend to keep you happy on this Wednesday!



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