technophile loyalty


I love my Blackberry (duhh).  Like LOVE my Blackberry.  LIKE, LOOOOOOOVE.  Passionate, obsessed, need….i know i know.  ITS A PHONE.  But.  I love my Blackberry.

Here is the depressing part.  I have been thinking about divorcing leaving this platform.  And it really hurts my feelings!  I could never (never say never, right?) going Apple.  Just don’t love Steve Jobs or his product and its not useful for someone like me. (totally not true…I just HATE it and the Apple Peoples obsession.  I am DYING to post this one video, but it has too many obscenities and I am not looking to offend anyone).  So Android seems like a great place to move to….

Have you seen the new Galaxy S2? Or the Droid?  Or any of the Android phones?  I’m kinda totally wanting.  Well, really infatuated with the ideag.  But the LOYALTY!  The Angst of leaving a company (RIM) who is going *ahem, yes I will admit* downhill.  And that is far behind in integration/personalization of a phone.   And Android is NOT.  Plus they just have so much forward thinking, and let’s be honest – my organizational life is run by Google, which is not a bad thing.  They keep my documents, my calendar, my reading list…. If they could just balance my checkbook (which, since becoming a one-income family I haven’t done!).

Yesterday, one of my best friends said, gently, “I think its time for you to let go of your Blackberry – when is it time for your upgrade.”  Little did she know I have been contemplating the dark side!!

I will be honest – the best part to me of the Blackberry is the BBM (Blackberry Messenger concept).  If Android could JUST get on board with something similar, the decision would already be made for me, and I think that a lot of people would come with me!  Its really what tethers me to my phone.  It is so much easier to contact people, send files, voice notes, pictures, have a group chat, etc.  And really, if I could have a group chat, some way or form, I could do it!

The fact of the matter is that between a new dishwasher, new Air Conditioner replacement, New car (oh yeah, that), 4 new tires, and more doctor appointments than you can count, it’s a pipe dream to even consider getting a new phone right now.  Oh, and that cutting my income in half thing?  OH and the NOT WORKING MY SECOND JOB 😉  OH yeah, that too….  But with me?  If I want it, I get it….sounds terrible.  But as in, I will cut down on my eating out, sell something, self myself (just kidding! I think…) etc.

Can you see how DELICIOUSLY SHINY they are?!  There is that 😉

Oh, and here is something else just as delicious to me….


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