in love with ALL things late 80s coming back….

First and formost, I want to have a Tupperware party.  Who’s with me! I can remember my mom and her friends having them when I was a child and I think its something we need to start having again.


Those just seem like SO much fun!  And really nothing can be better than the OLD school Tupperware.  Check out the Jello Mold, the Velveeta Cover and the COLORS  – all which can be easily found on ebay….


Second – HAIR FEATHERS!  I know mostly in the 80’s they wore them as earnings ( the Coreys in Lost Boys??)  Or how about this dude



Yeah, there are NOT that many men who can rock a feather.  He’s one of them.  Plus, Even if you thought he COULDN’T rock it, I would NEVER tell him.  I am LOVING the hair feathers right now.  My sister, the hair dresses, just got the MOST fabulous one ever.  Go see her at Regis Salon in Brookwood Mall (205.870.4477 – Ask for Rachel) and while you are there, get her to do your color….and a conditioning treatment.  (One of those things that I am very blessed with –  a Seamstress for a mom, a beauty consultant for a sister….and the other one use to work for Wine! Come on people….whacha got to offer ME?)

THIRD from the 80’s – COLOR.  I LOVE the new/old colors coming back into style.  Neon Yellow, Hot Pink, purple….lots of purple!!!  This article which talks about how to wear colored jeans is one of my FAVORITE things about COLOR!

80’s music…never out of syle.

80’s men….NEVER out of style.

80’s movies….NEVER EVER EVER out of style


Let’s BRING IT BACK.  Think we could bring back the stock-market habits too??

One thought on “in love with ALL things late 80s coming back….

  1. Watched Cowboys and Aliens with James Bond’s Daniel Craig? It’s a great idea mixing space alien science-fiction with the two-fisted rawness of the old West – but it’s been done before with Buffy’s James Marsters in High Plains Invaders. True!

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