the birmingham fooooood trucks!

I am MASSIVELY intrigued by the food truck craze in Birmingham.  Quite frankly, I don’t know WHY more restaurants don’t do this!  Low overhead, little to clean up, quick and easy turnover.

The history of the food truck started out as a Chuck Wagon in the old west.  Don’t you remember having to buy the supplies on the trail to Oregon?  And having to make sure the Chuck Wagon didn’t get lost in the river?  Most likely you would just die of dysentery anyways…. (you do remember the The Orgeon Trail, right?!  Please tell me that you played that game off of a HUGE floppy disk while growing up?  Or perhaps that was just an Indiana deal…)

All of that is nice and dandy, but I really think they started to hit big time popularity after a show on my favorite (food porn) network The Great Food Truck Race.   Or maybe they were before then.  All I can tell you is that we have 5 food trucks in the Birmingham Area that I know about.   My favorite? I am going to have to say Dreamcakes, because who DOESN’T like having a surprise cupcake every now and then


Area of Town: All over, check Facebook and Twitter for locations

Cantina Food Truck

Area: 6th ave. N. Between 20th 19th st – other places as well (Ensley park, etc.) so make sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter (and their fish tacos!)

Spoonfed Grill

Area: Mostly downtown, check Facebook and Twitter for locations


Area: All OVER from the Summit to Downtown – Check Facebook and Twitter for the daily locations.

The Taco Truck

Area: West Valley – this food truck STARTED it in Birmingham.

If you like Tacos and authentic Mexican food, check them out!

I want to hear what you have to say about the food trucks in Birmingham!


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