what i learned today

1) Cuba has not sold land in 50 years! They are about to legalize (legalize!) The selling of land. That means that if you wanted to move to a bigger or smaller place, you had to SWAP your property. So intriguing to me! And such a patient people of Cuba to tolerate that. That is such a right that you and I don’t even think about.

2) Warren Jeffs was found guilty of (only??) Two counts of sexual assault. The verdict was returned quickly due to a couple of facts. One, the fifteen-year-old girl and Jeff’s alleged son had 99.999999% DNA matching and Two, Jeffs made a sex tape with a freaking TWELVE-YEAR-OLD where he yelled out her name more than once. Somehow that makes him less a man of the cloth and more a creepy old freak. My pity comes for all of his followers who truly did think they were following God!

3) There are people who believe we are not going to hit a double-dip recession. I’m sorry, what type of economics did you take??

4) A CITY can apply for bankruptcy. I’m sorry, what???

5) I like to drive too fast.

well, the last one wasn’t necessarily something NEW! Just reinforced. The other things were 🙂 Enjoy!

What did you learn today!

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