things i know about MondayFunday

Things I know about today (it being Monday again)
1) People cannot decide what to talk about on Facebook more – hatred of Monday or love of the past weekend. Its stupid.
2) There is NEVER a good day to switch email servers for 16,000 people.
3) Of those 16,000, I wonder how many read the DAILY COMMUNICATIONS re: said conversion leading up to it
4) My guess would be under 1,000
5) I often wondering about wearing a diaper on Mondays due to the nature of back-to-back meetings. Funny that we have only been gone from said email-converted worksite for 48 hours. Most wouldn’t think that it would implode. But often (sarcastically, duh.) It does on days named Saturday and Sunday. Most of the time I just think of how much I have to pee.
6) People talk louder on Mondays. Significantly louder.
7) I always try to dry out, beginning Mondays. Umm. Well. Then I remember how much Monday drives me to the drink.
8) I have trouble being un-sarcastic on Mondays
9) I also have trouble dialing down my music. Something about the bump-bump makes me happy. Well, happier.

Rinse and repeat my loves.


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